A Love For Dilemma (2021)

Overall: A Love For Dilemma is a Chinese Drama (2021). A Love For Dilemma cast: Candy Song, Tong Da Wei, Rulu Jiang. A Love For Dilemma Release Date: 11 April 2021. A Love For Dilemma Episodes: 40.

A Love For Dilemma Detail

Drama: A Love For Dilemma (2021)
Network: Dragon TV, ZJTV
Director: Zhang Xiao Bo, Liu Dong
Main Stars: Candy Song, Tong Da Wei, Rulu Jiang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 11 April 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Xiao She De , A Little Dilemma, 小舍得, A Love For Dilemma 2021

A Love For Dilemma Synopsis and Plot Summary

The third portion of the \”Little\” establishment keeps on digging into the issues of schooling and parent-youngster connections through the focal points of normal Chinese families. As the children climb from grade school to middle school, the nuclear family advances in the excursion.

Nan Li is on edge about her little girl Huanhuan\’s lackluster showing at school. Having understood the significance of coaching, Nan Li gets the whole family ready to zero in on Huan Huan\’s schooling yet despite numerous issues, they start to comprehend the significance of giving a cheerful adolescence to their girl.

Nan Li\’s schoolmate and associate Tian Yu Lan is pregnant with her subsequent kid. Be that as it may, Tian Yu Lan and her significant other Yan Peng\’s relationship has soured because of Yu Lan\’s doubt. Tian Yu Lan is completely dedicated to her child, Yan Zi You. Yan Zi You is a model understudy according to numerous guardians, however the pressing factors from his own mom will in general influence his rivalries.

Zhang Xue emergency room is Huan and Yan Zi You\’s headteacher. In the wake of seeing the constancy of Mi Tao, a little youngster from a cultivating town, Zhang Xue emergency room deliberately gave Mi Tao extra coaching. Oh well, she gets answered to the school specialists and leaves the school feeling debilitate.

A Love For Dilemma Cast

Candy Song as Nan Li
Tong Da Wei as Xia Jun Shan
Rulu Jiang as Tian Yu Lan
Jean Li as Yan Peng
Zhang Guo Li as Nan Jian Long
Du Du as Yan Zi You
Teresa Liu as Xia Huan Huan
Pu Shi Yun as Lu Lu
Wang Shan Shui as Chen Yong
Li Yi Qing as Support Role

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