A Long Way Home Episode 18

A Long Way Home is a Chinese Drama (2023). A Long Way Home Episode 18 cast: Guo Tao, Zhang Wan Yi, Liu Lin. A Long Way Home Episode 18 Release Date: 5 September 2023. A Long Way Home Total Episodes: 30.

A Long Way Home Episode 18 Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the late 1990s, the forestry sector was beginning in the 1990s to “reduce production, limit logging, and lay off workers.” The first time Gu Changshan’s relatives and other members of his 923 working team had to choose between either staying or leaving.

Gu Changshan is the adoptive father of Xingjie an orphaned son of his colleague who passed away while on duty. Despite initial reservations however, they decide to adopt Xingjie.

Gu family is determined to assist Xingjie to continue his studies. In the meantime, the issue of layoffs for forest workers slowly resolves its own issues since the younger workers were the first to be laid off.

Gu Changshan leads the remaining members of”family ecological forest “family ecological forest” project. In 2007, to for the protection of the environment and to enhance the lives of people The resettlement program in remote areas started and the 923 group was faced with a difficult decision.

Xingjie is dragged back to the mountains, as he assumes the responsibility of attracting immigrants and carries the burden of forestry reform.

Due to the restrictions on logging during 2014 and the year 2015 The Xingjie government actively responds to the argument for “gold and silver mines are not as good as blue waters and green mountains” and helps people live a an improved living.

A Long Way Home Episode 18 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 18
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Guo Tao, Zhang Wan Yi, Liu Lin
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 September 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 30
Episode Number: 18
Also Known As: A Long Way Home Episode 18 Season 1, A Long Way Home Epi 18, 父辈的荣耀

A Long Way Home Episode 18 Cast

Guo Tao as Gu Chang Shan

Zhang Wan Yi as Chen Xing Jie

Liu Lin as Cun Hua

Zhang Yue as Lin Xiao Qing

Zhou Fang as Feng Xia

Zhang Kai Tai as Gu Zhao Xi

Li Le as Gu Bei Cheng

Ge Shan Shan as Support Role

Liu Pei as Liu Zi Qiang

Li Hao Fei as Feng Qin

Ella Liu as Feng Qin \ Young

Luo Wei Chen as Zi Qiang \ Young

Lu Chun Sheng as Old Li \ Policeman

Yun Qian Qian as Yao Yao

Yue Jia Yi as Xuan Xuan

Wang Jing Hua as Director Ge

Liu Jie Yi as Yi Hang

Liu Yue as Boss Wang

Rong Rong as Lin Qi

Cheng Shi as Liu Tie Jun

Guo Zhen as Wang Qing Shan

Xue Yu Bin as Da Liang Zi

Jing Ming as Zhao Da Guo

Qi Kui as Chen Shang You

Allen Ting as Charles

Qi Xiang as Huang Xiao Ping

Zhang Rui Han as Qin Yan

Wang Li Na as Liang Feng Ju

Jiang Feng as Liang Fu Kuan

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