A Lifelong Journey (2022)

Overall: A Lifelong Journey‎ is a Chinese Drama (2022). A Lifelong Journey cast: Lei Jia Yin, Xin Bai Qing, Song Jia. A Lifelong Journey Release Date: 28 January 2022. A Lifelong Journey Episodes: 60.

A Lifelong Journey Detail

Drama: A Lifelong Journey (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Writer: Wang Hai Ling
Main Stars: Lei Jia Yin, Xin Bai Qing, Song Jia
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 January 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 60
Also Known As: Ren Shi Fang , Ren Shi Jian, 人世间, A Lifelong Journey 2022

A Lifelong Journey Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that info the the lives of ordinary civilians amidst the magnanimous changes in Chinese society over the years. At the stop of the 1970s, the Zhou circle of relatives lived in a provincial metropolis in the north. The father, Zhu Zhi Gang, has just participated inside the Third Front Movement in Xi Nan. The eldest son, Zhou Bing Yi, responds to country wide name to end up part of the first batch of “knowledgeable” youths sent to stay and work within the rural regions. The eldest daughter, Zhou Rong, follows her poet husband to the geographical region of Guizhou. The youngest son, Zhou Bing Kun, is the handiest one left at domestic with their mom.

In the span of fifty years, the Zhou family is swept with the tides of change in China. Zhou Bing Yi enters politics after graduating from college and reviews u.S.And downs in his career during the drastic reforms. Zhou Rong stays directly to teach after receiving her Ph.D. She has a hard love existence and finally ends up living in France for twelve years. Zhou Bing Kun and Zheng Juan, a stunning yet misfortunate female, develop romantic emotions for each other and preserve to mature through their personal efforts. Relatives and buddies in the neighbourhood learn how to pass ahead together. In satisfying their very own missions in lifestyles, the Zhou family represents an epic tale approximately the cutting-edge Chinese people.

A Lifelong Journey Cast

Lei Jia Yin as Zhou Bing Kun
Xin Bai Qing as Zhou Bing Yi
Song Jia as Zhou Rong
Yin Tao as Zheng Juan
Ding Yong Dai as Zhou Zhi Gang
Cheng Tai Shen as Feng Hua Cheng
Sa Ri Na as Li Su Hua
Song Chun Li as Jin Yue Ji
Zhang Kai Li as Qu Xiu Zhen
Feng Lei as Yao Li Song
Bai Zhi Di as Ma Shou Chang
Sui Jun Bo as Hao Dong Mei
Yu Zhen as Luo Shi Bin
Shen Xiao Hai as Tu Zhi Qiang
Hu Lian Xin as Feng Yue
Wang Yang as Cai Xiao Guang
Wu Xing Jian as Zhou Nan
Huang Xiao Lei as Qiao Chun Yan
Zhang Rui Han as Cao De Bao
Wang Da Qi as Xiao Guo Qing
Xu Bai Hui as Yu Hong
Li Zhou Zhao as Cao Yuan Fang
Guo Zi Ming as Zhou Cong Young

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