A Dream within a Dream (2024)

A Dream within a Dream is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). A Dream within a Dream cast: Jin Mei Chen, Simon Chen, Tong Xiao Mei. A Dream within a Dream Release Date: 2024. A Dream within a Dream Episodes: 38.

A Dream within a Dream Detail

Drama: A Dream within a Dream (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Guo Hu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Jin Mei Chen, Simon Chen, Tong Xiao Mei
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Sheng Shi Wang Fei, Yi Zhen Huai An, Chong Sheng Zhi Di Nv Huo Fei, Jiang Dui Dui Chong Sheng Ji, Shu Juan Yi Meng, 盛世王妃, 一枕槐安, 重生之嫡女祸妃, 蒋怼怼重生记, 書卷一夢, 重生之嫡女禍妃,书卷一梦, A Dream within a Dream 2024

A Dream within a Dream Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jiang Ruan, the eldest daughter of the Shangshu Mansion, was sent to the palace for an chess piece. There she became enamored with the elegant and gentle eighth prince.

Incredibly, when the palace is transformed, her lover takes the throne, while the dogs and chickens within the home ascend into heaven.

She is discarded as a child, and is later branded witches who have brought damage to the nation.

Jiang Ruan was unwilling to surrender and determined to get revenge. But, he was killed after he returned to his home.

He was only able to escape by enlisting the assistance of the mysterious black man. From the chaotic home to the terrifying court, she was confronted by increasing odds of being a target.

She hid an elaborate trap, but then came across Jinying King Xiao Shao. Xiao Shao has a cold personality, however he has helped her numerous times.

The two share a romantic relationship that grows over time. They eventually develop an alliance. Eventually, the mystery of Xiao’s life story is also revealed.

Following that, Jiang Ruan tried every method to stop an eighth prince from assuming the throne. However, this raised Xiao’s suspicions, and the two forged an unintentional miscommunication.

The eighth prince was about to make a wild attack as Jiang Ruan was in a very risky situation.

In the process of retribution, Jiang Ruan discovered that his own life experiences were actually linked to the mystery surrounding the life of Xiao Shao.

A secret that was hidden for years within the Jin Dynasty surfaced.

At that time, the inhabitants from Southern Xinjiang were ready to join forces with Xuanli.

At the time, Jiang Ruan suffered from an illness caused by a poison that was planted by her stepmother while she was just a young girl. Xiao Shao took her everywhere to seek medical attention.

In the moment of life and death Jiang Ruan learned a bigger secret.

A Dream within a Dream Cast

Li Yi Tong as Jiang Ruan

Liu Yu Ning as Xiao Shao

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