A Confidant (2021)

Overall: A Confidant is a Chinese Drama (2021). A Confidant cast: Xu Qing, Kunimura Jun, Ma Wen Yuan. A Confidant Release Date: 30 December 2021. A Confidant Episode: 1.

A Confidant Detail

Drama: A Confidant (2021)
Main Stars: Xu Qing, Kunimura Jun, Ma Wen Yuan
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 30 December 2021
Also Known As: Confident , Confidenat, 士为知己者, A Confidant 2021

A Confidant Synopsis and Plot Summary

The film story is conceived out of Sima Qian’s “Authentic Records: Biography of an Assassin”, which began from Yurang, one of the four extraordinary professional killers in old China, and rotated around the suggestion that “the researcher passed on for his comrade”.

The adjusted story tells that in a tempestuous time of the dissent of the countries, Lian Qi, to retaliate for the killing of the ruler, endured his name, and from this prompted a perplexing ensnarement of adoration, and a definitive selection of his family, the world, and his own ethical quality.

A Confidant Cast

Xu Qing as Main Role

Kunimura Jun as Main Role

Ma Wen Yuan as Main Role

Liu Huan as Support Role

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