A Chinese Ghost Story (2020)

Overall: A Chinese Ghost Story is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). A Chinese Ghost Story cast: Zheng Shuang, Neo Hou, Emily Chen. A Chinese Ghost Story Release Date: December 2020. A Chinese Ghost Story Episodes: 50.

A Chinese Ghost Story Detail

Movie: A Chinese Ghost Story (2020)
Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi, iQiyi
Main Stars: Zheng Shuang, Neo Hou, Emily Chen
Director: Chung Shu Kai
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: Ghost Story , Zhi Wen Jin Sheng Lian Cang Ming, Qian Nv You Hun, 倩女幽魂 , Xin Qian Nv You Hun, 只问今生恋沧溟, A Chinese Ghost Story 2020

A Chinese Ghost Story Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, the researcher Ning Caichen had no real way to examine. He concentrated in the Lanruo Temple and began to look all starry eyed at the little witch Nie Xiaoqian. Ning Caichen spared the fiend’s confounded cohorts. Fallen angel world, was found by the shackles, Xiaoqian relinquished herself for sparing Ning Caichen.

Subsequent to Ning Caichen got away from the Devil World, he endured a great deal of agony and it prompted the loss of memory. After the fortuitous event of the reason, he met the female educator who was actually equivalent to Xiaoqian. The two cleared out the sparkles and experienced difficulties.

It recounts the narrative of the feline soul Nie Xiaoqian and the soul tracker Ning Caichen experienced hardening and preliminaries, and understood the enormity of adoration, fellowship, friendship, educator and understudy notion, and an impression of the ground-breaking intensity of affection.

A Chinese Ghost Story Cast

Zheng Shuang as Nie Xiao Qian / Xiao Ha Ha
Neo Hou as Ning Cai Chen
Emily Chen as Ling Zun
Leon Li as Hei Shan
Xia Ning Jun as Zhu Ge Tian Yi
Qiao Jun Da as Tu Shan Jiu Ming
Xu Jia Man as Qiong Tu
Ma Da Bao as Heavenly Battle Holy Feather
Guo Dong Hai as Support Role
Guo Dong Hai as Support Role
Xia Meng as Support Role
Cai Ying Ying as Support Role
Qin Lang as Support Role

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