77 Heartwarmings (2021)

Overall: 77 Heartwarmings is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Movie (2021). 77 Heartwarmings cast: Pakho Chau, Charlene Choi, Mario Maurer. 77 Heartwarmings Release Date: 14 May 2021. 77 Heartwarmings.

77 Heartwarmings Detail

Movie: 77 Heartwarmings (2021)
Director: Herman Yau
Main Stars: Pakho Chau, Charlene Choi, Mario Maurer
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 14 May 2021
Also Known As: Gan Dong Ta 77 Ci, 感动她77次, 77 Heartwarmings 2021

77 Heartwarmings Synopsis and Plot Summary

Although the 10-12 months dating is over, Eva and Adam are nevertheless longing for every different’s traces in their lives. The unintended come across with Marvel and the unexpected contamination of her mother disrupted Eva’s sluggish variation to her unmarried lifestyles rhythm. Can the 78th forgiveness be redeemed via the 77 emotional touches?

77 Heartwarmings Cast

Pakho Chau as Adam
Charlene Choi as Eva
Mario Maurer as Marvel
Jennifer Yu as Support Role
Faith Lee as Support Role
C Kwan as Support Role
Jeana Ho as Support Role
Billy Luk as Support Role
Candy Lo as Support Role
Natalie Tong as Support Role
Lawrence Cheng as Eva’s father
Alfred Cheung as Support Role
Bob Lam as Support Role
Kara Hui as Eva’s mother
Michelle Wai as Mandy
Yumiko Cheng as Cat

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