1921 (2021)

Overall: 1921 is a Chinese Movie (2021). 1921 cast: Huang Xuan, Ni Ni, Wang Ren Jun. 1921 Release Date: 1 July 2021. 1921.

1921 Detail

Movie: 1921 (2021)
Main Stars: Huang Xuan, Ni Ni, Wang Ren Jun
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 July 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 1 July 2021
Also Known As: 1921 2021

1921 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Commemorating the one centesimal anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and chronicling the Chinese Revolution. The movie, set in 1921, displays at the Communist Party’s early records for the duration of the turbulent era, inspecting the remarkable Chinese revolutionary leaders’ zeal and contrition for the ascension of the Chinese people.

1921 Cast

Huang Xuan as Li Da
Ni Ni as Wang Hui Wu
Wang Ren Jun as Mao Ze Dong
Turbo Liu as Liu Ren Jing
Jerry Li as Li Da Zhao
Leon Zhang as Support Role
Guo Zi Fan as Support Role
Yan Xu Jia as Mao Ze Dong young
Hu Lian Xin as Support Role
Yin Tao as Mao Ze Dong’s mother
Victor Liu as Support Role
Juck Zhang as Support Role
Zu Feng as Support Role
Hao An Ze as Mao Ze Dong’s father
Xia Meng as Support Role
Chen Qian Yu as Support Role
Rosy Zhao as Support Role
Tong Li Ya as Guest Role
Ouyang Nana as Guest Role
Song Yi as Guest Role
Zhang Jing Yi as Guest Role
Yuan Quan as Guest Role
Candy Song as Guest Role
Sophie Zhang as Guest Role
Zhou Ye as Guest Role
Zhu Yi Long as Zhou En Lai
Cecilia Liu as Song Qing Ling
William Feng as Sun Zhong Shan
Karry Wang as Deng En Ming
Johnny Bai as Cai He Sen
Aloys Chen as Chen Du Xiu
Hu Xian Xu as Guest Role
Shawn Dou as Guest Role
Elvis Han as Guest Role
Luo Ze Kai as Progressive worker
Leon as Progressive worker
Li Zi Feng as Progressive worker
Kiwi Lin as Progressive worker
Liu Chang as Progressive worker
Wang Qiang as Progressive worker
Joe Xu as Progressive worker
Ye Xiao Wei as Progressive worker
Liu Zhe Er as Progressive worker
Zhang Zhe Han as Xiao Zi Sheng
Xu Kai as Shen Yan Bing
Kris Fan as Zhang Shen Fu

Other Cast

Tao Hai as Yang Ming Zhai

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