Zhang Wei Ke

Zhang Wei Ke Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhang Weike, director and actor. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1982.

In the Nineteen Eighties, he has starred in movies inclusive of “Blackfaced Man”, ” Smile is Better Than Cry “, “Sailing”, ” Tracked Girl “, “The Empress Dowagers of the Two Palaces” and other films, and have seemed in TV series consisting of “The Herald” and “Sink”. Worked in images.

After 2000, after graduating from the performing career, he began to work as a screenwriter, and successively produced lengthy-walking television collection “Never Give Up”, “Made in China”, ” Since the Ancient Heroes “, “Who is a Real Hero”, ” Warm Hand , Warm Right Hand” And other works. At the identical time, as a director, he wrote lengthy TV series which includes “Wuchuan Mountain Documentary”, “Lu Liang Heroes”, ” Daddy Don’t Cry “, “Tea House”, “Made in China”, “Since the Ancient Heroes”.

In the industry, Zhang Weike, a director who graduated from the 78th elegance of the Film Academy, has continually been recognised for his excellence in art and extremely state-of-the-art display presentation. At the same time, his acting, screenwriting and capturing revel in is likewise pretty rich.


First Name: Wei Ke
Native Name: 张维克
Also Known as: Zhang Wei
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: 8 July 1965
Age: 57

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