Yang Yang

Yang Yang Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yang Yang (born Yang Zihe) is the daughter of Yang Zongjing, a well-known stage actor and art director in China.
She is known typically as a director, screenwriter and manufacturer of drama collection.
She has received the two foremost director awards for TV in China, the Flying Apsaras Awards and the Golden Eagle Awards (twice for each awards) for her directing paintings in “Holding Your Hands” (1999) and “The Proof of Memories” (2004).

As one of the strongest lady directors in China, Yang Yang has earned infinite honors for decades. She has a worldwide humanistic angle and skilled creative mastering potential and is ideal at digging human intensity and fantastic electricity in diverse topics. Her consultant works cowl a extensive variety of fields, which includes emotions, wars, records and social topics, and are quite diagnosed both outside and inside the industry. This coincides with the temperament of “Ever Night”.


First Name: Zihe
Native Name: 杨阳
Also Known as: 杨梓鹤, Yang Zihe, Yang Zi He
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female


Medal of the Republic (2021)

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