Wife’s Choice (2022)

Overall: Wife’s Choice is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Wife’s Choice cast: Sun Li, Yuan Wen Kang, Wang Zhen Er. Wife’s Choice Release Date: 6 June 2022. Wife’s Choice Episodes: 12.

Wife’s Choice Detail

Drama: Wife’s Choice (2022)
Network: Mango TV
Main Stars: Sun Li, Yuan Wen Kang, Wang Zhen Er
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 6 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 6 June 2022-5 July 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Qi Zi De Xuan Ze, 妻子的选择, Wife’s Choice 2022

Wife’s Choice Synopsis and Plot Summary

Housewife Fang Tang is happily married – or so she idea. Sometime after her thirtieth birthday, she notices that her husband Gao Jia Wei has been performing oddly, best to find out that he’s having an affair. While laid low with his infidelity, she stays calm in the wish that he may be honest with her. Instead, he remains evasive, mendacity continually, refusing to take responsibility for his movements.

Gao Jia Wei’s business associate and competitor Qi Miao was hoping to take gain of Gao Jia Wei’s marital disaster, only to sabotage herself while her plan pans out. All the even as, she had been so busy pursuing fame and fortune that she alienated her husband to the point of filing for divorce.

Qi Miao’s assistant, Da Yu, is focused most effective on avenging her damaged heart, overlooking her family in the technique.

After everything she has long gone via, Fang Tang realizes she can now not depend on her marriage. So she steps out of her comfort area through returning to the place of job for a clean begin. Gradually Qi Miao moves a stability among her private life and profession, at the same time as Da Yu subsequently we could move of her obsessions, allowing her to cherish the present.

Wife’s Choice Cast

Sun Li as Fang Tang

Yuan Wen Kang as Gao Jia Wei

Wang Zhen Er as Da Yu

Zhang Yao as Qi Miao

Ma Yin Yin as Ma Xiaoou

Zhao Da as Da Kang

Dong Bo Rui as Jiang Ning

Nacy Song as Liu Jia

Liu Yi Wei as Mr. Tang

Kong Song Jin as Mo Mo

Pu Tao as Xiao Tian

Jiang Xin Hui as Zhu Zhu

Zhou Shi Xuan as Sister Fang

Lin Jing as Chen Feng

Yan Xiao Ping as Fang Tang’s mother

Zhang Shen as Fang Tang’s father

Li Xiao Yan as Da Yu’s mother

Li Bao An as Da Yu’s father

Xue Yuan Yuan as Ma Xiao Ou’s mother

Xu Shao Wu as Ma Xiao Ou’s father

Tian Ling as Victim’s mother

Ge Si as Victim’s father

Yu Xiao Lei as Fang Tang’s friend

Hazel Zhao as Fang Tang’s friend

Chen Chen as Psychologist

Zhao Yao Xing as Xiao Liu’s husband

Peng Bo as Xiao Liu

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