Who Is He (2023)

Overall: Who Is He is a Korean Thriller, Drama (2023). Who Is He cast: Zhang Yi, Chen Yu Si, Ding Yong Dai. Who Is He Release Date: 14 March 2023. Who Is He Episodes: 24.

Who Is He Detail

Drama: Who Is He (2023)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: Zhang Yi, Chen Yu Si, Ding Yong Dai
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 March 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 14 March 2023-4 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Ta Shi Shei , 他是誰 , 平凡英雄1996, 他是谁, Who Is He 2023

Who Is He Synopsis and Plot Summary

From a “chronic homicide case” to the “clinical school dismantling case”, Wei Guo Ping has never abandoned his quest for equity. In a story that traverses eight years, he addresses Individuals’ Police during the 1990s fearlessly getting serious about unlawful powers in that period.

In 1988, criminal police officer Wei Guo Ping saw the passings of his friends during an activity around a chronic homicide situation where the guilty party get away. This has left Wei Guo Ping scarred from the episode. After eight years, the horrifying cadaver dismantling case has stunned the city of Ningjiang. As of now, Wei Guo Ping has previously developed into a carefully prepared police skipper.

In driving his group’s examination, he progressively uncovers many related cases. Be that as it may, the dismantling case keeps on being covered in secret and many signs lead back to the chronic homicide a long time back. These revelations push Wei Guo Ping to work considerably more diligently however they likewise prevent his judgment. Simultaneously, the police thin down on a famous association.

Who Is He Cast

Zhang Yi as Wei Guo Ping

Chen Yu Si as Nie Xiao Yu

Ding Yong Dai as Gu Wei Dong

Yu Hao Ming as Zhao Shi Jie

Zhao Yang as Nie Bao Hua

Liu Guan Lin as Wang De Fa

Christine Zheng as Wei Xiao Xia

Qi Kui as Song Zhe

Shi Liang as Wu Ke

Fan Lei as Liu Shun Kui

Xu Fang Yi as Gu Kai Yan

Bai En as Hu Feng

Yao An Lian as Headmaster

Li Xiao Chuan as Jiang Guang Shan

Zhao Jun as Chen You Gui

Liu Xian Da as Tang Zhi Yuan

Zhao Xiao Dong as Cheng Yong

Gao Feng as Zhao Shi Duo

Jeremy Qu as Xue Jia Jian

He Yun Qing as Liao Lian Liang

Wang Yi Yao as Bao Li

Wang Da Qi as Chen Shan He

Zhang Xu Zhou as Chen Hao Han

Fu Lei as Zhao Gang

Chen Wei as Aunt Chen

Wang Yi Sheng as Meng Lao San

Wang Zi Chen as Dao Ge

Li Ze as Da Jiang

Cao Su Su as Ai Ying

Hu Ke Nu as Liu Min Ya

Zoe Cao Qi as Chen Hai Ping

Xiong Xiao Wen as Director Cui

Ru Tian as Mother Liu

Yu Xiao Ming as Forensic

Zhang Tian Ying as Student

Han San Ming as Sanitation worker

Li Kun Lin as Doctor

Li Hong Quan as Fat man

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