When We Write Love Story (2020)

Overall: When We Write Love Story is a Chinese TV Show (2020). When We Write Love Story cast: Wang Yi Jin, Li Yi Tong, Qin Lan. When We Write Love Story Release Date: 19 December 2020. When We Write Love Story Episodes: 10.

When We Write Love Story Detail

TV Show: When We Write Love Story (2020)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Wang Yi Jin, Li Yi Tong, Qin Lan
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 19 December 2020
Aired On: Saturday
Also Known As: Meet You in a Parallel Universe , Ping Xing Shi Kong Yu Jian Ni , Peng Haang Si Hung Yu Gin Nei , 平行時空遇見你 , Meet you in parallel time and space , Parallel Time Meets You , 平行时空遇见你第一季, 平行时空遇见你,When We Write Love Story 2020

When We Write Love Story Synopsis and Plot Summary

A pursuing theatrical presentation delivered by Tencent Video, with Li Yitong , Qin Lan , Yang Chaoyue , Hou Minghao , Liu Yihao , and Wang Yanlin as customary visitors .

The show consolidates unscripted TV dramas and symbol dramatizations twoly, with six specialists and visitors collaborating to make icon show contents and perform them in equal existence.

They will be separated into three gatherings, Li Yitong (1990) and Wang Yanlin/Ian Wang (1989); Qin Lan (1979) and Liu Yihao/Jasper Liu (1986); Yang Chaoyue (1998) and Hou Minghao/Neo Huo (1997) present a symbol content, carrying three equals to the crowd.

A romantic tale where reality meet. The subject of theatrical presentations is very new. Superstar visitors utilize male and female visitors as styles, being screenwriters, with their own unique contents, coordinating, and acting.

As another high sweet dramatization pursuing theatrical presentation, “Equal Time and Space Meets You” welcomes two or two groups of six craftsmen and visitors to make icon contents actually shows and perform them in equal reality, bringing crowds a “set” “Live-streaming” seeing experience and a symbol dramatization form of “vivid love.” Open another model of “sensational following” to investigate the passionate allures of youngsters today.

When We Write Love Story Cast

Wang Yi Jin as Guest Role

Li Yi Tong as Regular Member

Qin Lan as Regular Member

Yang Chao Yue as Regular Member

Neo Hou as Regular Member

Jasper Liu as Regular Member

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