Tibetan Sea Flower (2023)

Overall: Tibetan Sea Flower is a Chinese Mystery, Horror, Drama (2023). Tibetan Sea Flower cast: Edward Zhang, Janice Man, Chen Ming Hao. Tibetan Sea Flower Release Date: 2023. Tibetan Sea Flower Episodes: 36.

Tibetan Sea Flower Detail

Drama: Tibetan Sea Flower (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Han Qing
Main Stars: Edward Zhang, Janice Man, Chen Ming Hao
Genres: Mystery, Horror, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Tibetan Flower , Can Hai Hua , Dao Mu Bi Ji Zhi Cang Hai Hua , The Lost Tomb: Tibetan Sea Flower , Zang Hai Hua, 藏海花, Tibetan Sea Flower 2023

Tibetan Sea Flower Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story happens five years after the principal series finished. After Wu Xie tracked down a canvas of a young fellow in the mailing station at Medog District and got back from Nepal, his serene life was interfered with again by the unexpected visit of Jin Wantang. He brought a scorpion-formed pendant from the Zhang family’s old manor, which was firmly connected with Zhang Qiling in his life as a youngster. In the quest for signs, Wu Xie went to Nepal once more and afterward moved to Medog. In Medog, a wide range of signs connected with Zhang Qiling are coming. Wu Xie understood that he came to Medog and observed that it was not unplanned, yet it was arranged by somebody. Wu Xie and Wang Pangzi figure out more about Zhang Qiling’s experience and the secret behind Zhang family.

Tibetan Sea Flower Cast

Edward Zhang as Wu Xie

Janice Man as Zhang Hai Xing

Chen Ming Hao as Wang Pang Zi / “Fatty Wang”

Zhang Kang Le as Zhang Qi Ling

Shawn Wei as Zhang Hai Ke

Qiao Zhen Yu as Xie Yu Chen

Xia Zi Xuan as Zhang Xiao Guo

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