The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton (2023)

Overall: The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton is a Chinese Drama (2023). The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton cast: Zhu Ya Wen, Yu Hao Ming, Janice Man. The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Release Date: 2023. The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Episodes: 28.

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Detail

Drama: The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Cao Dun
Main Stars: Zhu Ya Wen, Yu Hao Ming, Janice Man
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 28
Also Known As: 廣州十三行, Guang Zhou Shi San Xing, 广州十三行, The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton 2023

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Synopsis and Plot Summary

Everything you need to know about The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton.

A gathering of Guangdong shippers and their encounters in the midst of the changing verifiable tide during the late Qing Line.

Wu Dunyuan proceeds to lay out Yihe Hang in Canton. In the wake of finishing his examinations, Staunton turns into a representative of the East India Organization.

The two meet again after quite a while on the grounds that Wu Dunyuan has sold inadequate English tea.

Wu Dunyuan finds the recipe for broiling tea. From that point, Wu Dunyuan is unjustly detained and his Yihe Hang is effectively closed down.

Lao Tan figures out how to get his hands on the record that will demonstrate the defilement of customs boss Ji Shan.

Li’er who is the most youthful little girl of a finance manager named Lu Wenzhong takes the record to the funding to report the case to the majestic court.

The English government chooses to send troops to Guangzhou in May 1840. Wu Dunyuan stays noble and upstanding in safeguarding his nation and swears that the Chinese country won’t ever persevere through a similar embarrassment from now onward.

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Cast

Zhu Ya Wen as Lin Bing Yuan

Yu Hao Ming as Zheng Shi Cheng

Janice Man as Lu Chang Yun

Stuart Forbes as Thomas Staunton

Nathan Boyd as Nathan Ford

Bai Yang Chun Yu as Wang Xu Li

Keith Shillitoe as Rich Businessman

Scotty Cox as William Jardine

Sheng Gang Shuai as Guang Gui

Kevin Lee as George Stauton

Zhang Tian Ai as Lu Yi Qing

Yin Zhu Sheng as Deng Lao Xuan

Xu Lu as Yun Niang

AJ Donnelly as Andrew Williams

Ailei Yu as Ji Shan

Lu Fang Sheng as Tang You Shu

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