The Procurator (2023)

Overall: The Procurator is a Chinese Crime, Detective, Movie (2023). The Procurator cast: Bai Bai He, Johnny Huang, Claudia Wang. The Procurator Release Date: 29 April 2023. The Procurator.

The Procurator Detail

Movie: The Procurator (2023)
Director: Alan Mak
Main Stars: Bai Bai He, Johnny Huang, Claudia Wang
Genres: Crime, Detective, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 April 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Prosecutors , Justice Seeker , Jian Cha Feng Yun , 檢察風雲, 检察风云, The Procurator 2023

The Procurator Synopsis and Plot Summary

No battle, no adolescent. They are youthful investigators in the new period. They have amazing aptitudes, buckle down, and guard against reasonableness and equity with the assistance of lawful oversight. No cross-outskirt, no future.

They find, look for, investigate, challenge, and enable the indictment and purposeful publicity. Love, focus, and difficult work are their inward voices; interest, creative mind, and innovativeness are their wizardry weapon for progress; looking for right arrangements, diligence, and consistency are their otherworldly facilitates. Follow their strides and experience the show season of investigators in the new period together!

The Procurator Cast

Bai Bai He as Tong Yu Chen

Johnny Huang as Qu Sheng

Claudia Wang as Xia Wei

Wang Jin Song as Yan Zhi Tian

Su Ke as Support Role

Feng Shao Feng as Hong Tian Bao

Wang Qian Yuan as Li You Cheng

Bao Bei Er as Chen Xin

William Feng as Hong Tian Bao

Guo Qi Lin as Student

The Procurator Trailer

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