The Monkey King 3 (2021)

Overall: The Monkey King 3 is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). The Monkey King 3 cast: Owodog Zhuang, Bai Lu, Neo Hou. The Monkey King 3 Release Date: 2021. The Monkey King 3 Episodes: 36.

The Monkey King 3 Detail

Drama: The Monkey King 3 (2021)
Main Stars: Owodog Zhuang, Bai Lu, Neo Hou
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: 女儿国 , 西游记女儿国 , Journey to the West: Daughter Country , Women’s Kingdom , The Monkey King: Land of Beauty, 西遊記女兒國, The Monkey King 3 2021

The Monkey King 3 Synopsis and Plot Summary

A ladies realm has been covered up in the mountains since old occasions, it was an obscure realm to the pariahs. Jiang Liu Er, a youngster who is caring, happened upon the ladies realm on an excursion.

He had to weds a woman from the ladies realm, while the Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy exclusively showed up at the ladies realm and each has an alternate reason.

The Monkey King 3 Cast

Owodog Zhuang as Monkey King / Sun Wu Kong
Bai Lu as Wu Shuang
Neo Hou as Jiang Liu Er / Tang Seng
Zeng Li as Minister of Women’s Kingdom
Hunt Liu as Sha Seng
Allie Chan as xiao gongzhu Little Princess
Wang You Jun as Prince of Che Che Kingdom
Shawn Huang as Ruyi Zhen Xian
Peng Yu as Unknown

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