The Longest Promise (2022)

Overall: The Longest Promise is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). The Longest Promise cast: Xiao Zhan, Ren Min, Wang Chu Ran. The Longest Promise Release Date: 2022. Moon Man.The Longest Promise Episodes: 50.

The Longest Promise Detail

Drama: The Longest Promise (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Jeffrey Chiang
Writer: Wu Ying Ying
Main Stars: Xiao Zhan, Ren Min, Wang Chu Ran
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 50
Also Known As: Jade Bone Ballad , Yu Gu Yao , Yuk Gwat Yiu , 玉骨遙, 玉骨遥, The Longest Promise 2022

The Longest Promise Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story takes region in Kong Sang Continent, and revolves around the tumultuous love story between Zhu Yan, princess of the Chi Yi Tribe and Shi Ying, a royal prince. Shi Ying’s mother was framed, and he was banished to Jiu Yi Mountain to cultivate. Originally focused on nothing but cultivation, he began to expand romantic emotions for Zhu Yan, his disciple. However due to their dating as trainer and pupil, each of them do not voice out their feelings. Fate additionally stands of their way once they stood on contrary facets in political struggle and go through lifestyles and dying situations. However, they sooner or later positioned apart their issues, and work together hand-in-hand to protect Kong Sang Continent.

The Longest Promise Cast

Xiao Zhan as Shi Ying
Ren Min as Zhu Yan
Wang Chu Ran as Bai Xue Lu
Alen Fang as Zhi Yuan
Han Dong as Da Si Ming
Wang Zi Qi as Qing Gang
Marcus Li as Chong Ming
Lu Yu Xiao as Bai Xue Ying
Ye Sheng Jia as Shi Yu

The Longest Promise Trailer

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