The Lion’s Secret (2021)

Overall: The Lion’s Secret is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). The Lion’s Secret cast: Zhu Ya Wen, Yang Zi Shan, Li Yuan. The Lion’s Secret Release Date: 30 December 2021. The Lion’s Secret Episodes: 33.

The Lion’s Secret Detail

Drama: The Lion’s Secret (2021)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Allen Lan
Main Stars: Zhu Ya Wen, Yang Zi Shan, Li Yuan
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 30 December 2021-23 January 2022
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 33
Also Known As: Lai Mao De Shi Zi Dao Ying , The Lion’s Reflection of Laying Cat , The reflection of the lion, 赖猫的狮子倒影, The Lion’s Secret 2021

The Lion’s Secret Synopsis and Plot Summary

The account of the lion and the sluggish feline follows two individuals who get hitched first before becoming hopelessly enamored. Mu WanQing is a fruitful woman CEO and Liu Qing is a jobless previous officer.

Mu WanQing (Yang ZiShan) and Liu Qing’s (Zhu YaWen) first experience was on their big day. Without any affection for one another, their relationship began antagonistic until it transforms into one of shared love and backing. Liu Qing enables Mu WanQing to determine the emergencies in her organization while simultaneously turning away the incitements from her ex. As their adoration is seriously tried, a greater test ascends to the surface. So as to satisfy the desires of their older folks, they start on an excursion to Thailand.

The Lion’s Secret Cast

Zhu Ya Wen as Liu Qing
Yang Zi Shan as Mu Wan Qing
Li Yuan as Fu Jun Die
Mike He as Lei Shuo
Fang Xiao Li as Lin Ya Lian
Kira Shi as Yu Man Shan
Lan Man Yu as Li Yu Ting
Li Guang Fu as Gu Xiong Chuan
Zhang Shen as Mu Jian Jun
Jason Tsou as Li Mo
Sui Yong Liang as Feng Cong
Chen Yu Ming as Mother Na
Xie Cheng Ying as You You’s mother
Jian Ze Zheng as Li Na
Liu Min Ting as Sun Yu
Leanne Liu as Mrs. Lin
Yue Yang as Qian Chang
Rong Rong as Mrs. Quan
Chen Fang Tong as Xiao Mi
Sean Pai as Xiao Gua
Han Chang as Yang Zhen Tian
Zhao Cui Wei as Yu Lu
Jiang Xue Ming as Brother Fei
Shao Yan Yuan as Old Yang
Wang Zheng Jia as Officer Zhao
Zach Lu as Coach Lu
Ryan Hsu as Coach Xu
Zhang Han as Mother Yan
Chi Guo Dong as A Tu Na
Jiang Rong as Young old lady
Li Yu Su as Sister Huang
Zhu Dong Ning as Mr. Lai
Xiao Tian Ren as Liu Qing Young
Qi Xin Rui as Fu Jun Die Young
Steven Dasz as Hostage

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