The Fragments Of Kylin (2023)

Overall: The Fragments Of Kylin is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). The Fragments Of Kylin cast: Yang Xi Zi, Sun Chen Jun, Gao Zi Tian. The Fragments Of Kylin Release Date: 2023. The Fragments Of Kylin Episodes: 24.

The Fragments Of Kylin Detail

Drama: The Fragments Of Kylin (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Gu Yun Yun
Main Stars: Yang Xi Zi, Sun Chen Jun, Gao Zi Tian
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Mo Ye Ren jian Yu, Mo Ye World Jade, Mejaz Regulus in The World, 摩耶人间玉, Nian Nian Ren Jian Yu, Remember the King,念念人间玉, The Fragments Of Kylin 2023

The Fragments Of Kylin

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Three years after the war among people and demons, the Xuanyuan circle of relatives and the Mo circle of relatives, two demon-hunter families, fashioned an alliance. Shi Si, the daughter of the Demon King, lost her memory and became a lovable, naive female who didn’t recognize the arena. In order to store the Xuanyuan circle of relatives, she impersonated the oldest daughter of the own family, Xuanyuan Yu, and married into the Mo circle of relatives, falling in love with the eldest son of the Mo circle of relatives, Mo Yan.

The Fragments Of Kylin Cast

Yang Xi Zi as Shi Si / Xuanyuan Yu

Sun Chen Jun as Mo Yan

Gao Zi Tian as Mo Lan

He Yi Man as Xuanyuan Yu Real

Xu Nuo Yan as Shi Qi

Hollis as Ling Que

Zeng Shu Yan as Xiao He

Jiang Chen as Mo Jia Luo

Zheng Chu Chen as Lan Ga

Zayn Pan as Mo Dong Ling

Cen Ming as Wu Tan Ba Luo

Lu Han Zhe as Mo Yu

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