The Flowers Are Blooming (2021)

Overall: The Flowers Are Blooming is a Chinese Drama, Romance (2021). The Flowers Are Blooming cast: Kiki Xu, Huang Sheng Chi, Wu Yang. The Flowers Are Blooming Release Date: 19 December 2021. The Flowers Are Blooming Episodes: 24.

The Flowers Are Blooming Detail

Drama: The Flowers Are Blooming (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Kenne Yam
Main Stars: Kiki Xu, Huang Sheng Chi, Wu Yang
Country: China
Genres: Drama, Romance
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired On: Sunday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Qing Feng Lang Yue Hua Zheng Kai , 清風朗月花正開 , 清风朗月, 清风朗月花正开, The Flowers Are Blooming 2021

The Flowers Are Blooming Synopsis and Plot Summary

Favored by way of the previous emperor, Princess Chen Lang Yue changed into allowed to develop up loose and unrestrained no matter residing in the confines of the palace. She isn’t simplest a stunning beauty however also gifted in the whole thing from poetry to tune. Filled with a thirst for expertise, Chen Lang Yue who is buoyed by her hobby in production sneaks out of the palace to sign up for a crew of craftsmen.

Li Qing Feng formed the Muyu group with his youth friend Luo Ye. Luo Qing Feng is a genius in structure. He comes from an aristocratic own family. However, he is insecure about his reputation as an illegitimate son. Together, eight younger individuals with one-of-a-kind personalities collaborate to construct an interesting structure.

The Flowers Are Blooming Cast

Kiki Xu as Chen Lang Yue
Huang Sheng Chi as Li Qing Feng
Wu Yang as Han Niao Niao
Chris Song as Luo Ye
Evan Ma as Meng Wu Xu
Jessie Fu as An Xiao Luo
Li Jia Hui as Wang Yi
Liu Mu as Li Jie
Zhang Zhuo Wen as He Zhi Gu
Zhao Jiu Yi as Zhang Shao Qing

The Flowers Are Blooming Trailer

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