The Entangled Life of Qingluo (2020)

Overall: The Entangled Life of Qingluo is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). The Entangled Life of Qingluo cast: Yao Di, Qiao Zhen Yu, Zhu Jia Qi. The Entangled Life of Qingluo Release Date: December 2020. The Entangled Life of Qingluo Episodes: 50.

The Entangled Life of Qingluo Detail

Drama: The Entangled Life of Qingluo (2020)
Network: BTV
Main Stars: Yao Di, Qiao Zhen Yu, Zhu Jia Qi
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: Man Man Qing Luo, 蔓蔓青萝, The Entangled Life of Qingluo 2020

The Entangled Life of Qingluo Synopsis and Plot Summary

Based freely off the novel by Zhuang and delivered by Yu Zheng (anticipate that a ton of changes should the novel.) The story recounts Li Qing Luo, a long term old young lady, the third girl to Ning Guo’s Prime Minister Li and his seventh spouse. Destined to a mother of lower economic wellbeing, she is dealt with unreasonably and thought to be of lower acumen, anyway she amazes the family when she recounts a renowned Tang line sonnet. Realizing she has the fitness to learn, she shrouds her capacity in order to abstain from being offered to a sovereign or court official like her sisters.

After six years, A’Luo leaves the home unexpectedly to partake at a blossom seeing feast, where the most world-class Five Eligible Bachelors of Feng Cheng are likewise supposed to be in participation. The men incorporate, Crown Prince Liu Jian, Fourth Prince Liu Fei, the youthful A Qing Wang Liu Jue, the child of Prime Minister Gu Tian Xiang, and the top scorer of the Imperial Examinations Cheng Si Yue.

Amidst the feast A’ Luo sneaks off and nearly meets a mishap at the waterway, just to be spared by a youthful and attractive man. A’ Luo excessively stunned at the abrupt occurrence, blames her hero for being a deviant, to which he just snickers, and vows to discover her later on.

The Entangled Life of Qingluo Cast

Yao Di as Li Qing Luo
Qiao Zhen Yu as Liu Fei / Chen Zi Li
Zhu Jia Qi as Liu Jue
Sun Jia Lin as Liu Jian
Candy Zhang as Empress Wang
Zhu Zan Jin as Cheng Si Yue
He Yong Sheng as Emperor Wu of Han
Lin Jing as Yu Niang
Connie Kang as Gu Tian Lin
Liu Qian Cheng as Chu’an
Yang Yun Zhuo as Support Role
Yi Han as Xiao Yu
Zhao Chong Yue as Liu Ying
Veronique Zheng as Wang Yan Hui
Jiang Kai as Emperor An Qing
Wei Yi as Li Qing Lei
Wang Yi Kun as Cheng Zi young
Liu Yi Han as Unknown

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