The Confidence (2020)

Overall: The Confidence is a Chinese Romance, Crime, Drama (2020). The Confidence cast: Elvira Cai, Liu Kai, Peng Guan Ying. The Confidence Release Date: 25 December 2020. The Confidence Episodes: 44.

The Confidence Detail

Drama: The Confidence (2020)
Network: Mango TV, Mango TV
Genres: Romance, Crime, Drama
Main Stars: Elvira Cai, Liu Kai, Peng Guan Ying
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 26 December 2020
Aired On: Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: In the Palm of My Hand , Yang Guang Zhi Xia , Zhang Zhong Zhi Wu , 掌中之物 , The Controllers, 阳光之下, The Confidence 2020

The Confidence Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ke Ying is a capable financial matters instructor who is compelled to help insane person Feng Xiao Sheng pick up genuine force inside his partnership.

The road savvy Xiao Wu is a police source, and when he finds Fu’s organization is laundering cash with unfamiliar ledgers,

He utilizes his situation as Feng Xiao Sheng’s correct hand man to gather proof. He becomes a close acquaintence with Ke Ying, and the two work together to crush the criminal association.

The Confidence Cast

Elvira Cai as Ke Ying
Liu Kai as Xiao Wu
Peng Guan Ying as Feng Xiao Sheng / Shen Shi Jie
Zhou Yun Ru as Miao Miao
Yue Yang as Xiao Tong Bing
James Li as Yang Yu Ze
Leah Ma as Tian Tian
Feng Lei as Second uncle
Li Yan as Xu Cheng Fu
Sun Zhi Hong as Fu Sui Zhi
Ling Zi Tong as A Gang
Wang Wei as A Kun
Xi Lu as Ya Ya
Dong Bo as Ba Lian
Zhang Guo Qing as Clinic Doctor
Jin Yang as Sister Kan
Jiao Ti Yi as Father Ke
Zhang Yi Xin as Mother Ke
David Zhang as Guo Bao
Du Yan as Mother Yu
Qu Hao Ming as Feng Organization Executive
Chen Zhi Wei as Liu Li
Da Lu as Bookkeeper Yang
Gong Jin Guo as Uncle Qi
Pansringarm Vithaya as Dan Yue
Thanayong Wongtrakul as Yan Song
Ping Guntapat Kasemsan Na Ayudhya as Song En
Wang Jin Song as Chen Jing Yan
Sa Ri Na as Assistant Mayor Lian
Li Hong Tao as Team Leader Li
Shi Da Sheng as Chief Liu

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