Take Us Home (2023)

Overall: Take Us Home is a Korean Romance, Drama (2023). Take Us Home cast: Ma Yi Li, Bai Yu, Li Ting Ting. Take Us Home Release Date: 15 April 2023. Take Us Home Episodes: 36.

Take Us Home Detail

Drama: Take Us Home (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Lin Yan
Main Stars: Ma Yi Li, Bai Yu, Li Ting Ting
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 April 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 15 April 2023-30 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Memory in the City of Dragon , Long Cheng San Bu Qu , 龙城三部曲 , 龍城 , 龍城三部曲, 龙城, Take Us Home 2023

Take Us Home Synopsis and Plot Summary

Dong Ni, Xi Du and Nan Yin are three cousins from the Zheng family, who knows one another from adolescence. Dong Ni has an insubordinate character as a result of her folks’ circumstance. Before she chooses to run from her family issues and get hitched in Germany, she attempts to take Xi Du with her, and to do as such, she attempted to meddle with his relationship with his sweetheart. Simultaneously Xi Du, subsequent to losing his folks, raised by far off family members, is as yet attempting to reimburse his obligation of appreciation to them, really buckling down for the entire family.

The remainder of them, Nan Yin had an ideal family since she was a kid, and her main type of defiance throughout the years was to set a marriage declaration up to oppose her mom’s control.

Three unique individuals, three distinct stories and one family. Every one of them attempts to remove themselves from their foundations, however the past and direct relations, don’t let them to be neglected. Can they assemble their muddled ties and track down shared help after numerous years?

Take Us Home Cast

Ma Yi Li as Zheng Dong Ni

Bai Yu as Zheng Xi Jue

Li Ting Ting as Zheng Nan Yin

Liu Lin as Hao Lin Third Auntie

Gao Xin as Zheng Hong Little Uncle

Jie Bing as Zheng Bin Third Uncle

Jiao Gang as Zheng Yan Big Uncle

Liu Lu as Jiang Yi

Tu Song Yan as Fang Jing Hui

Shi Ke as Aunt

Zhang Duo as Chen Yu Cheng

Wang Sheng Di as Xue Bi | Zheng Dong Ni Young

Niu Chao as Su Yuan Zhi

Wang Xi Yuan as Leng Shan

Zhao Cheng Shun as Su Yuan Zhi’s father

Tao Xin Ran as Chen Yan

Li Jie as Peter

Fu Jing as Support Role

Song Ning as Support Role

Ma Yue as Duan Mu Fang

Cheng Guo Dong as Support Role

Chen Ze as Chen Yu Cheng Young

Other Cast

Zhang Han as Su Yuan Zhi’s mother

Ai Ru as Lawyer Wang

Lin Peng as Chief Han

Yan Feng as Old Gao

He Qiang as CEO Pei

Yang Shu as Xu Hui

Zhao Wen Ming as Chief Ye

Yang Huang Yin as Liu Xin Jiang

Yang Kai Wen as Leng Shan’s classmate

Vivi Wang as Chen Yan/ Tang Ruo Lin

Zhao Yi Huan as Couple

Yu Yao as Zheng Xi Jue Young

Zeng You Zhen as Jiang Yi Young

Zhang Zhi Kun as Couple

Natalia Zhong as Nurse

Zhang Shi Hong as Security Guard

Take Us Home Trailer

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