Stay With Me (2022)

Overall: Stay With Me is a Chinese Movie (2022). Stay With Me cast: Ren Min, Xin Yun Lai, Li Xiao Qian. Stay With Me Release Date: 29 April 2022. Stay With Me.

Stay With Me Detail

Movie: Stay With Me (2022)
Main Stars: Ren Min, Xin Yun Lai, Li Xiao Qian
Country: China
Genres: Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 April 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: I Really Hate Long Distance Relationships , Wo Zhen De Tao Yan Yi Di Lian, 我是真的討厭異地戀, 我是真的讨厌异地恋, Stay With Me 2022

Stay With Me Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story revolves around Zhao Yiyi and Xu Jiashu. Zhao Yiyi ultimately confessed to Xu Jiashu, who had been in love for decades, but commenced an extended distance dating. They firmly trust that it’s miles a life-time to survive in a different region. But the natural obstacles of lengthy-distance love take a look at them, and they’re definitely in love, however they are constantly absent from every different’s life. The look of Saihe and the twists and turns of girlfriends Qiao Qiao and Li Tang made Zhao Yiyi experience lots.

The topic of the movie is “long-distance relationships”, that’s itself a common enjoy of too many people. The topic may be very warm, which has caused heated discussions among heaps of couples. This practical youth story suggests the extraordinary emotional patterns of younger lovers in distinct places, evokes the target market’s reminiscences of love in the younger age, and also explores the separation and integration of love with young human beings.

Stay With Me Cast

Ren Min as Zhao Yi Yi

Xin Yun Lai as Xu Jia Shu

Li Xiao Qian as Li Tang

Cao Wei Yu as Support Role

Zhang Shu as Support Role

Zhou Yu Tong as Qiao Qiao

Deng Chao as Policeman

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