Shadow Love (2024)

Shadow Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Shadow Love cast: Song Yi, Ryan Cheng, Bi Wen Jun. Shadow Love Release Date: 2024. Shadow Love Episode: 0.

Shadow Love Detail

Drama: Shadow Love (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Deng Ke
Writer: Sun Zi Yan
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Song Yi, Ryan Cheng, Bi Wen Jun
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: Yu Jin Chang An, 与晋长安, Shadow Love 2024

Shadow Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

Li Shuang is the a female general in the Jin Tradition, is a gifted and daring fighter. Li Shuang is told to find the government operative in one month. A couple of days after the fact, Li Shuang coincidentally protects a harmed man who’s lost all memory and returns him into the tactical military quarters.

The man begs Li Shuang to embrace him and join her in the battle. Li Shuang names him Jin’an which means harmony over the long run and soundness inside the Jin Tradition. Li Shuang and Li Shiang collaborate to chase down the spy.

They are habitually tormented by the military’s new authority and are over and over went after by the adjoining nation Dayao. Through her mind boggling information, Jin’an and Li Shuang conquered risks and challenges together. They additionally are covertly in their first love.

Jin’an gradually understands that his genuine personality is that of the Ruler of Dayao. Meanwhile, war is set to start and they are compelled to battle. Two of them, depleted from war can choose to unite to end the contention in their country and help individuals to live and work in harmony.

Shadow Love Cast

Song Yi as Li Shuang

Ryan Cheng as Duan Ao Deng / Jin An

Bi Wen Jun as Prince Sima Yang

Cheng Xiao as Ji Tian Jiao | Crown Princess

Zhang Ting Fei as Cui Yun

Yue Yang as Shao Bing Yi

Gao Mao Tong as Ji Ran

Tan Kai as Li Wei

Liu Yi Hong as Ouyang Jun

Rain Lu as Qiao Er

Wu Yu Heng as Li Ting | General

Du Chun as Duan Ao Ze

Ji Xiao Bing as Prince Sima Li

Shi Ce as Lu Xin

Darren Chen as Mo Yin | Doctor

Ni Da Hong as Support Role

Zhao Yuan Yuan as Support Role

Wei Zi Xin as Support Role

Zhang Jin Ming as Support Role

Sun Zi Hang as Support Role

Huo Zheng Yan as Support Role

Jin Tian Yu as Guest Role

Tu Dou as Guest Role

Zhou Xiao as Chuan Guest Role

Liang Tian as Guest Role

Feng Hui as Guest Role

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