Scent of Love (2022)

Overall: Scent of Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Scent of Love  cast: Wang Xuan, Xu Bin, Song Yi Xiong. Scent of Love Release Date: 11 August 2022. Scent of Love Episodes: 14.

Scent of Love Detail

Drama: Scent of Love (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Wang Xuan, Xu Bin, Song Yi Xiong
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 August 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 11 August 2022-8 September 2022
Aired: On Thursday
Episodes: 14
Also Known As: Smell the Champs , 聞香榭 , Wen Xiang Xie, 闻香榭, Scent of Love 2022

Scent of Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wan Niang is a demoness who has been concealed in human structure for a considerable length of time. She runs an incense store and has one objective in her reality: She needs to assemble six fragrances that – consolidated – can give their proprietor with striking powers. She has previously assembled a few of these fragrances, however one – the main aroma of all – is demonstrating extremely interesting to get. That fragrance is enveloped with the being of a man named Tooth Mo.

Throughout a few of his lifetimes, Wan Niang has attempted – fruitlessly – to get the fragrance from Tooth Mo. In any case, she has bombed like clockwork, regardless of how close she came. In any case, in his most recent manifestation, he is fairly unique – a delicate, guiltless, and caring soul. She believes that she can catch him in with her charms and deceives, however as she attempts to draw near to him, Wan Niang understands that Tooth Mo has an inward goodness that is profoundly alluring to her. He additionally gives off an impression of being becoming hopelessly enamored with her. However, will Cupid’s mediation truly prevail with regards to crashing her from her definitive journey?

Scent of Love Cast

Wang Xuan as Wan Niang

Xu Bin as Fang Mo

Song Yi Xiong as Fang Yu Ren

Liu Jia Xi as Lan Ze

Zhang Guan Sen as Huang San

Wei Ran as Wen Qing

Liu Shuai as Hong Xiu

Yuan Zi Ming as Yuan Zen

Wu Hao Ze as Liu Zhong Ping

Zhao Mu Yan as Support Role

Liu Jia Tong as A Su

Man Ning Xi as Old Bao

Feng Li Ping as Ao Gong

Liu Qiang Qiang as Zhai Zhu

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