Ripe Town (2023)

Overall: Ripe Town is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2023). Ripe Town cast: Bai Yu Fan, Julia Xiang, Ning Li. Ripe Town Release Date: 2023. Ripe Town Episodes: 12.

Ripe Town Detail

Drama: Ripe Town (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Bai Yu Fan, Julia Xiang, Ning Li
Country: China
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Under the Prosperous City , Fan Cheng Zhi Xia, 繁城之下, Ripe Town 2023

Ripe Town Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the 37th year of the Wan Li Time of the Ming Administration, there were progressive homicides in the region seat of Jiangnan District. The personalities of the dead were unique and inconsequential to one another.

The cadavers were organized in peculiar postures, and there was a sentence left at the location of each case. As the understudy of the main casualty, Xiaohu Kuaiqu Sanren helped out his companions to send off an examination. With the development of the examination, the three religions and nine streams, neighborhood ranchers, laborers, and dealers of all tones seemed in a steady progression. In the midst of the haze, an old case from a decade prior surfaced. Who might the killer be and for what reason?

Ripe Town Cast

Bai Yu Fan as Qu San Geng
Julia Xiang as Leng Gui Er
Ning Li as Song Chen
Liu Yi Tong as Gao Shi Cong
Zeng Li as Lin Si Niang
Zhang Hao Wei as Feng Ke Zhui
Yu Yao as Lu Zhi

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