Ri Guang Zhi Cheng (2024)

Ri Guang Zhi Cheng is a Chinese Drama (2024). Ri Guang Zhi Cheng cast: Zhou You, Duo Bu Jie, Lopsang. Ri Guang Zhi Cheng Release Date: 2024. Ri Guang Zhi Cheng Episodes: 24.

Ri Guang Zhi Cheng Detail

Drama: Ri Guang Zhi Cheng (2024)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Huang Wei
Writer: Yu Xiao Qian
Main Stars: Zhou You, Duo Bu Jie, Lopsang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: 日光之城, Ri Guang Zhi Cheng 2024

Ri Guang Zhi Cheng Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story takes place over the three generations of families that live in the current town of Lhasa. Tibetan Opera troupe went through numerous difficulties. His son was the oldest. Sonam. Sonam was made to quit his job as a public servant, without knowing anything, and then set up an business.

He was extremely dependent on his son Tashi was the eldest. Tashi declared that he did not wish to become a physician and he wanted to sing Tibetan opera. His youngest child Quzong was also having problems with love.

Tibetan physician Danzeng had planned to visit China along with his wife Qiao Yanru. He was preparing to retire and enjoy retirement. His wife, however, requested divorce. His daughter Dazhen was for business, and was returning to Tibet was juggling the dual pressure of work and family.

Jumei is an equestrian athlete who, scheduled to retire and had to take the final decision regarding her sporting career. The younger brother Gesang was actually forced to flee from the pastoral area to Lhasa in hopes of becoming pilot.

In the end, Sonam and Dazhen went through a period of constant conflict before achieving of cooperation and understanding, and they decided to start their own business. Tashi found the most lucrative career path with the help of doctors.

A man took the trip to Tibet in in 2000 Quzong was also awed by his personal pleasure.Jumei did not want to give up the opportunity to remain solid and decided that he would fight to the death. Gesang overcame his challenges and embarked on the path to learning how to fly.

Ri Guang Zhi Cheng Cast

Zhou You as Suo Lang

Zhang Tong as Support Role

Pema Jyad as Zha Xi

Yan Xiao Pin as Qiao Yan Ru

Shi An as Support Role

Duo Bu Jie as Tu Deng

Chen Yi Long as A Wang

Lopsang as Pu Bu

Genden Phuntsok as Support Role

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