Our Interpreter (2023)

Overall: Our Interpreter is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Our Interpreter cast: Victoria Song, Chen Xing Xu, Fei Qi Ming. Our Interpreter Release Date: 2023. Our Interpreter Episodes: 36.

Our Interpreter Detail

Drama: Our Interpreter (2023)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Zhang Tong
Writer: Fei Hui Jun
Main Stars: Victoria Song, Chen Xing Xu, Fei Qi Ming
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Wo Men De Fan Yi Guan , The Interpreter, 我们的翻译官, Our Interpreter 2023

Our Interpreter Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lin Xi who’s known as the “witch” in the interpretation business reunites with ex Xia Yicheng. Quite a while back, she parted ways with him for satisfying her mom’s desire for her to turn into an expert mediator for the Unified Countries.

After eight years, Lin Xi has turned into the most youthful boss translator at Huasheng while her ex Xiao Yicheng has turned into the central innovation official of an interchanges organization, which likewise makes him her possible client.

To land an agreement with Xiao Yicheng, Lin Xi must choose the option to continue to manage him. She assists his organization with opening up to the world and despite the fact that it appears to be that Xiao Yicheng is on a mission to seek retribution on Lin Xi, he really doesn’t have the heart to be unkind to her.

Work revives their enthusiastic relationship and Xiao Yicheng steadily comes to comprehend that reason she said a final farewell to him. Together, they endeavor to understand their fantasy about “representing the country”.

Our Interpreter Cast

Victoria Song as Lin Xi

Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yi Cheng

Fei Qi Ming as Cheng Yao

Lin Zi Lu as Tan Sha Sha

Yu Sha Sha as Tong Xin

Wang Sen as Wei Tian

Fu Jia as Mao Mao

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