New Vanity Fair (2023)

Overall: New Vanity Fair is a Chinese Drama (2023). New Vanity Fair cast: Wu Gang, Z. Tao, Sun Yi. New Vanity Fair Release Date: 13 March 2023. New Vanity Fair Episodes: 40.

New Vanity Fair Detail

Drama: New Vanity Fair (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Liu Jia Cheng
Writer: Wang Hai Ling
Main Stars: Wu Gang, Z. Tao, Sun Yi
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 13 March 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 13 March 2023-3 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Xin Ming Li Chang , Chun Ri Nu An Yang , 冬日暖阳 , 表演者 , 新名利场, 春日暖阳, New Vanity Fair 2023

New Vanity Fair Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ding Ke Mang is a gifted and legitimate theater entertainer, while his understudy Melody Yang is a well-known big name. To guarantee their tickets sell out, the theater company cast Tune Yang close by Ding Ke Mang to act in the play named ”Father and Child”. Under Ding Ke Mang’s direction, Tune Yang figured out how to defeat his imprudent nature and endure the allurement of ubiquity, and acquired a comprehension and regard toward the specialty of performing. At long last, with his diligent effort, his acting abilities improved and he turned into an entertainer with both ubiquity and abilities.

New Vanity Fair Cast

Wu Gang as Ding Ke Mang

Z. Tao as Song Yang

Sun Yi as Ding Mo Mo

Han Tong Sheng as Support Role

Liu Bei as Jiang Ye

Xu Yi Yang as Support Role

He Bing as Chen Jiang Ge

Zheng Kai as Kong Liang

Zhang Ruo Feng as Xiao Yang

Zhang Ling Xiang as Zhao Zhi Gang

Zhou Qi Qi as He Shui

Yu Xiao Guang as An Lun

Yu Ming Jia as Kuang Nan Shan

Hou Xiao Tong as Xiao Li

Larina Zhang as Tong Hua

Jenny Zhang as Su Xiao Tang

Wang Jian Xin as Zhan Zuo Di

Estelle Wu as Qin Li Xian

Ying Zhuang as Yan Shi Fang

Xin Yu as Lisa

Chen Shu as Zhao Xiao Pu

Yan Su as Shen Da Xuan

Li Jun Feng as Director Wang

Miao Liang as Geng Hu

Sun Zhong Qiu as Tourism Manager Liu

Xiao Yan Bo as Xiao Zhao

Li Jia Xin as Su Xiao Yang’s Executive Broker

Wang Kuang Yu as Song Yang’s assistant

Sun Lu Hang as Song Yang’s father

Hu Tian Yi as Zhen Xing

Qiao Han as Xue Ning

Zhang Heng Ming as Wu Ban

Qin Han Lei as Reporter Zhang

Yang Kai Han as Minister Ye

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