My Way (2022)

Overall: My Way is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2022). My Way cast: Chen Shu, Zhang Xin Yi, Ma Su. My Way Release Date: 1 August 2022. My Way Episodes: 31.

My Way Detail

Drama: My Way (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Yin Li Chuan
Writer: Yin Li Chuan
Main Stars: Chen Shu, Zhang Xin Yi, Ma Su
Country: China
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 August 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 1 August 2022-17 August 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 31
Also Known As: Di Er Ci Yong Bao , Wo De Ming Zi , Zai Jie Tou , Qiang Da De Ma Ma , 我的名字 , 在街头 , 强大的妈妈, 第二次拥抱, My Way 2022

My Way Synopsis and Plot Summary

The self destruction of her closest companion, Cheng Ru Ying, swells through the existences of four moms – Tooth Yuan, Jin Lu, You Xiao Zhu and Ding Mu – as they look for reality with regards to her self destruction. This mishap breaks the ideal existence of full-time housewife Tooth Yuan. At the point when Jin Lu, a non-maritalist custodian, is going to understand her vocation dream, she incidentally gets pregnant and the dad of her child is her impermanent beau. The four moms courageously face up to the exciting bends in the road and quest for their underlying dreams, and simultaneously, they cooperate to uncover reality with regards to Cheng Ru Ying’s demise and to do equity to the dead.

My Way Cast

Chen Shu as Fang Yuan

Zhang Xin Yi as Jin Lu

Ma Su as You Xiao Zhu

Zhou Fang as Ding Mu Mu

Du Chun as Li Cheng

Lemon Li as Li Ke Yu

Li Nai Wen as Support Role

Zhao Xiao Su as Support Role

Mao Yi as Support Role

Zhao Da as Support Role

Zhao Zi Qi as Support Role

Tao Hui Min as Support Role

Xue Shu Jie as Support Role

Yang Yu Ting as Support Role

Wu Chen Chao as Support Role

Wang Qiang as Ke Ke

Cheng Qian as Old Cai

Baby Zhang as Wang Man

Zhang Zheng Yang as Zhang Qun

Chen Xi Xu as Jie Shou Wang

Terry Li as Xu Huai Yuan

Li Xiao Yan as Zhou Fang Fang

Leo Li as Jie Chao Ran

Cindy Chen as Zhang Wen Hao

Zhang Fan as Director Tang

Yang Xue as Ying Ru Fen

Zhai Guan Hua as Rui Qiu

Chloe Xie as Si Si

Gao Rui Fei Er as Xun Xiao Bai

Zhang Qiao Er as Xiao Ma

Kong Xiao Ming as Yang Kai Wen

Zhao Cheng Shun as Liu Tie Jiang

Mark Han as Luo Hong

Li Bo as Xiao Liang

Liang Guo Rong as Qi Shi Ting

Long Bin as Yu Xiang’s father

Xiang Hong as Yu Xiang’s mother

Iris-Dido as Yu Huan

Li Yuan Yuan as He Xin

Jin Shun Zi as Aunt Sun

Zheng Peng Fei as Li Zhi

Mei Bao Lai as Ai Ling

Hu Cai Hong as Sister Kuan

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