My Love from 2029 (2024)

My Love from 2029 is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). My Love from 2029 cast: Choenyi Tsering, Chen Tian Xiang, Wu Ya Lu. My Love from 2029 Release Date: 2024. My Love from 2029 Episodes: 24.

My Love from 2029 Detail

Drama: My Love from 2029 (2024)
Director: Xu Xiao Lu
Main Stars: Choenyi Tsering, Chen Tian Xiang, Wu Ya Lu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Lai Zi 2029 De Ni, 來自2029的你, 来自2029的你, My Love from 2029 2024

My Love from 2029 Synopsis and Plot Summary

The Top Chinese entertainment actress Qiao Yiren transforms into a goddess of revenge. In the course of her adventures Qiao Yiren “steals” the robot 013 that is set to be destroyed by DeepMind which is a world-leading technology company, and then stages the stage of a “machine” witty love affair of close reconciliation and mutual growth.

Furthermore, Xuan Siyan, the son of DeepMind’s boss is also involved in the saga and the two become lovers and hate each other, and torture one another physically and psychologically.

In 2029, a meticulously planned and shocking plot brings the most popular female celebrity as well as the cutting-edge AI bodyguard into the tense technology industry and into the world of fame and fortune and humans as well as AI create unimaginable emotional entanglements.

My Love from 2029 Cast

Guo Zhen as Xuan Tian Ming

Wu Ya Lu as He Mu

Choenyi Tsering as Qiao Yi Ren

Gong Zheng Ye as Xuan Si Yan

Chen Tian Xiang as 013

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