Mom Wow (2022)

Overall: Mom Wow is a Chinese Drama (2022). Mom Wow cast: Zhang Yu Qi, Li Ze Feng, Wu Yue. Mom Wow Release Date: 5 June 2022. Mom Wow Episodes: 40.

Mom Wow Detail

Drama: Mom Wow (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Liu Yi Zhi
Writer: Wang Qi Nan
Main Stars: Zhang Yu Qi, Li Ze Feng, Wu Yue
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 5 June 2022-22 June 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Ma Ma De Zhan Zheng , 我不要完美 , Wo Bu Yao Wan Mei , Mother’s War , 妈妈的战争 , Jia You Ma Ma , 加油 妈妈 , The Warfare, 加油! 妈妈, Mom Wow 2022

Mom Wow Synopsis and Plot Summary

It’s now not clean to be a mom, no longer to mention a unmarried mother. Zhou Nannan, a single mom, believes that she will be able to deliver her son Xiaoyang a satisfied life simply on her very own. But at the critical juncture of having her son into a number one school after his commencement from kindergarten, she realizes that all the mothers in the kindergarten have their very own troubles.

The ready career ladies discover themselves fail to be accurate mothers whilst those full-time housewives who simply attention on their husbands and youngsters sense quite overlooked. For instance, a shop proprietor who places her unrealized dream on her child and in the end will pay a prize for her conceitedness; a young rich lady is at once uncovered to the storms of life in a single day. Children are infantile however moms are also the amateur. No one is born to be a mother.

Should they cultivate their youngsters into elites in any respect prices or just allow them to be? Should those moms give up the entirety for their kids or be themselves? After false impression, strife, and reconciliation, the ones mothers within the kindergarten help their children enter a new life degree of number one college and also benefit increase themselves.

Mom Wow Cast

Zhang Yu Qi as Zhou Nan Nan
Li Ze Feng as Lu Chuan
Wu Yue as Su Qing
Dong Jie as He Xiao Han
Yuan Wen Kang as Yang Shuo
Hai Lu as Qin Wei
Victor Huang as Li Xiu Ping
Gao Xin as Tian Si Yang
Pan Zhi Lin as Zhu Lu Xi
Deng Fei as Gu Zhi Yong
Oscar He as Li Yi Fu
Lin Meng as Jing Cheng’s mother
Luo Yi Li as Tian You You
Jerry Gong as Li Yi Wen
Chen Yu Xi as Gu Yue
Yang Kun as Zhao Chun Hua
Jin Qi Cheng as Zhou Xiao Yang child

Additional Cast

Zhu Yin as Mrs. She
Wang Yue Xi as Xiao Chen
Zhang Yi as Wu Jiang
Li Bing Xi as Wang Bing
Qian Jie as Lu Chuan’s mother
Gao Bei Bei as Tian Si Jing
Wang Jia Yao as Xiao Sha
Li Hong Lei as Cousin Wei
Han Miao as Liang Chao
Li Hui Xia as Mrs. Wang
Zhou Jie as Bank governor
Yan Jing Yao as Teacher
Qin Yue as Teacher
Jin Hui as Mr. Xia
Zhang Xin Yi as An Fei Yu
Sun Ruo Fei as Bamboo pole man
Hu Qing Yun as Director Tan
Ray Cao as Xiao Jin
Zhang Fan as Lawyer Gao
Li Shuai as Psychologist
Cao Lei as Dong Xue Zhang
Li Wei Ting as Blind date man
Chen Jie as Homeowner
Steven Shi as Lu Chuan Young

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