Missing You (2023)

Overall: Missing You is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Missing You cast: Tan Jian Ci, Zhou Ye, Yang Xi Zi. Missing You Release Date: 2023. Missing You Episodes: 35.

Missing You Detail

Drama: Missing You (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Sha Wei Qi
Main Stars: Tan Jian Ci, Zhou Ye, Yang Xi Zi
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 35
Also Known As: Really, Really Miss You , Really Miss You , Hen Xiang Hen Xiang Ni, 很想很想你, Missing You 2023

Missing You Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the professional dubbing and voiceover industry, he is well-known. His actual field of work is a mystery. He doesn’t do much socializing or networking. He started making her dinner every night with new foods and dishes after an unanticipated occurrence. That enticing voice instructed her on how to prepare dish after dish, gradually luring her in completely.

Missing You Cast

Tan Jian Ci as Mo Qing Cheng

Zhou Ye as Gu Sheng

Yang Xi Zi as Geng Xiao Xing

Hou Wen Yuan as Zhou Zheng

Vincent Cao as Feng Ya Song

Chen Hao Lan as Dou Bing

Zhang Qiao Er as Support Role

Juan Zi as Support Role

Chen Guan Ning as Support Role

Liang Tian as Support Role

Xia Ning Jun as Support Role

Liu Zhe Hui as Support Role

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