Miles to Go (2023)

Overall: Miles to Go is a Korean Drama (2023).Miles to Go cast: Chen Xiao, Li Qin, Li Bao An. Miles to Go Release Date: 20 March 2023. Miles to Go Episodes: 37.

Miles to Go Detail

Drama: Miles to Go (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Yan Jian Gang
Writer: Mo Xi
Main Stars: Chen Xiao, Li Qin, Li Bao An
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 20 March 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 20 March 2023-8 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 37
Also Known As: Ren Sheng Zhi Lu , Ren Sheng Lu Yao , 人生·路遥 , 人生路遥, 人生之路, Ren Sheng Lu Yao 2023

Miles to Go Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the 80’s of twentieth hundred years, Gao Ji Lin, a young fellow living in Gaojiagou in northern Shaanxi, was a notable perusing “champion” in the town. With an extraordinary ability for composing and verse, in spite of coming from an unfortunate family, the man sought to accomplish a more prominent objectives. School placement tests should assist him with that.

Tragically, Ji Lin out of the blue tumbles off from the understudy list, and as though that wasn’t sufficient, he likewise neglects to turn into a confidential educator in a grade school. His main beam of trust ends up being Liu Qiao Zhen, who does all that to help him in his fantasy. Before long, because of the consolation of the entire town, Ji Lin chooses to battle for his profession objective.

Miles to GoCast

Chen Xiao as Gao Jia Lin

Li Qin as Liu Qiao Zhen

Li Bao An as Support Role

Zhao Qian Zi as Gao Jia Lin’s mother

Jenny Zhang as Huang Ya Ping

Wang Tian Chen as Gao Shuang Xing

Tang Zeng as Ma Shuan

Li Yu Tong as Liu Qiao Ling

Liu Yi Tie as Gao San Xing

Liu Run Nan as Zhang Ke Nan

Liu Wei as Liu Li Ben

He Sai Fei as Chen Xiu Li’s mother

Li Guang Fu as Grandpa De Shun

Zhou Ye Mang as Huang Hu Sheng

Huang Mei Ying as Support Role

Yue Hong as Aunt Yao

Zhao Zheng as Jing Ruo Hong

Zhang Tian Yang as Chen Fang Ming

Lian Lian as Hua Xiao Juan

Tu Ling as Diao Mei Lan

Cristy Guo as Chen Xiu Li

Lin Yong Jian as Gao Ming Lou

Guo Kai Min as Support Role

Lu Zhong as Support Role

Ji Bo as Ma Zhan Sheng

Zhang Xin Yi as Xu Xiao Ping

Song Jia Lun as Gao Yu Zhi

Ba Duo as Jiang Da Min

Ma Yue as Qin Bao Sheng

Yu Hui as Xu Wei Zhi

Jiang Yi Ru as Liu Qi Yong

Zhai Guan Hua as Meng Qing Qing

Chu Zhen as Ma Hong Sheng

Li Guo as Nie Wen Cheng

Ma Bo as Gao Da Xing

Luo Wen Bo as Xiao Qiu

Yu Bai Shui as Bai Zhi Qiang

Pei Jia Xin as Ying Ying

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