Miao Wen Jing (2022)

Miao Wen Jing Synopsis and Plot Summary

Miao Wen Jing is a Chinese screenwriter and novelist.
She uses her real call for her screenwriting works and her pen call “Ban Ming Ban Mei” for her novels.
She is also a part of “Dian Qian Huan”, a collaboration with web novelist Tian Shi Ben Gai Duo Luo (天使本该堕落), with whom she mutually wrote many novels.


First Name: Wen Jing
Native Name: 缪文静
Also Known as: 殿前欢, Dian Qian Huan, 半明半寐, Ban Ming Ban Mei, 梓涵, Zi Han, 殿前欢一, 殿一, 殿前欢一号, Dian Qian Huan 1
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female

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