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Mai Guan Zhi Intro & Plot

Mai Guan Zhi got his degree from Hong Kong university. In 2003 in the wake of leaving TVB, he has finished the “Westside Story(2003)”- a Taiwanese show and “Chinese Paladin(2005)” which acquired him prevalence in Central area china

He coordinated a few Tawainese shows like ” La Robe De Mariee Des Cieux/Paradise’s Wedding Gown(2004),” which won the 2004 Taiwanese rating champion later it was named into Central area and this dramatization made Leon Jay Williams and Ming Dao short-term stars and his last Taiwanese show was “Green Woodland, My Home (2005)”

Mai Guan Zhi coordinated a few widely praised dramatizations like Enemy of medication hero (2007) a story adjusted to recognize an enemies of opiates police officer from Yunnan Region, “Wu Guanglin” who kicked the bucket bravely on August 30, 2004, “Lotus Downpour (2009)” a television series to celebrate tenth commemoration of the arrival of Macau, and “Excellence World (2011)” a television series shot by CCTV to commend the tenth commemoration of Hong Kong’s re-visitation of China.

what’s more, he likewise coordinated dramas like “An Unmistakable Midsummer Night(2013)”, “Street To North (2016)” and a Family parody “Super Father and Super Children (2018)” On August 6, 2020, Mai Guanzhi’s Legendary Xianxia Work of art “Love and Redemption(2020)” was sent off in Yoku application which his most memorable web show.


First Name: Guan Zhi
Native Name: 麦贯之
Also Known as: Mai Guan Zhi, Mai Guanzhi
Nationality: Hong Konger
Gender: Male
Born: 29 October 1970
Age: 52


Journey to the North (2022)

The Kingdom of Women (2021)

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