Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan Plot

Lu Chuan (conceived 8 February 1971) is a Chinese producer, screenwriter and maker. He is the child of author Lu Tianming. He was brought into the world in Xinjiang, China.

Hailed as a significant new voice in Chinese film, Lu’s initial two movies were little financial plan creations which earned both Chinese and global praise: 2002’s The Missing Weapon and 2004’s Kekexili: Mountain Watch. Kekexili won a Brilliant Chicken and a Brilliant Pony best picture grant and Exceptional Jury Prize at the seventeenth Tokyo Global Film Celebration.

Lu’s third film, the conflict show City of Life and Passing, was delivered in April 2009 to both basic and business achievement. Simultaneously, be that as it may,

The film’s thoughtful depiction of a Japanese trooper stirred debate. Lu Chuan won Accomplishment in Coordinating for the movie at third Asia Pacific Screen Grants and Best Chief Honor at fourth Asian Film Grants. The film won Best Film and Best Cinematography Grants at 57th San Sebastian Film Celebration.


First Name: Chuan
Native Name: 陆川
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: 8 February 1971
Age: 51

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