Love of Replica (2023)

Overall: Love of Replica is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Love of Replica cast: Tsao Yu Ning, Yilia Yu, Wu Hao Ze. Love of Replica Release Date: 20 April 2023. Love of Replica Episodes: 16.

Love of Replica Detail

Drama: Love of Replica (2023)
Network: Sohu TV
Director: Ming Yan
Main Stars: Tsao Yu Ning, Yilia Yu, Wu Hao Ze
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 20 April 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 20 April 2023-9 May 2023
Aired On: Tuesday, Thursday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Mysterious Love 2 , Wei Ni Ni Guang Er Lai , Ta Zai Ni Guang Zhong Gao Bai 2 , 他在逆光中告白2 , 為你逆光而來 , Come for Love, 为你逆光而来, Love of Replica 2023

Love of Replica Synopsis and Plot Summary

The oldest girl of a rich family, Xu Xi awakens from a state of extreme lethargy and acknowledges she has lost her memory. She falls head over heels for her guardian Lu Jin Yan from the get go.

She gains from Ding Bei Fan that she isn’t actually Xu Xi, yet truth be told she is A Yue, somebody who looks equivalent to Xi. A Yue finds additional astonishing mysteries during the time spent examining reality, while Lu Jin Yan, as a protector, likewise has a secret plan.

Love of Replica Cast

Tsao Yu Ning as Lu Jin Yan

Yilia Yu as Xu Xi Xi / An Yue

Wu Hao Ze as Ding Bei Fan

Tu Bing as Tian Sui

Zhang Guan Sen as Jiang Tian Cheng

Wang Shu Yun as Xu Meng Yun

Xu Duo Duo as Support Role

Li Ya Tian as Support Role

Athena Yang as Support Role

Li Yan Feng as Support Role

Chang Cheng as Support Role

Wang Bin as Doctor

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