Love like White Jade (2021)

Overall: Love like White Jade is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Love like White Jade cast: Wan Peng, Gala Zhang, Liu Yu Han. Love like White Jade Release Date: 11 April 2021. Love like White Jade Episodes: 24.

Love like White Jade Detail

Drama: Love like White Jade (2021)
Network: Mango TV, Mango TV
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Wan Peng, Gala Zhang, Liu Yu Han
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 11 April 2021
Aired On: Monday, Sunday
Also Known As: Bai yu si wu xia , Flawless White Jade, 白玉思无瑕, Love like White Jade 2021

Love like White Jade Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shui Wuxia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, gets engaged by means of Jiang Manor to assist Mister Zuo’s research and martial arts training. The proud and valiant Shui Wuxia clashes with the conceited and playful Jiang Baiyu. Both also cover a mystery – Shui Wuxia is looking for her lengthy misplaced dual brother, whilst Jiang Baiyu is seeking out the purpose of his father’s demise. Fate brings them collectively; Jiang Baiyu modifications his wanton conduct and Shui Wuxia begins to see his honest and decided heart.

Finally, the fact is discovered. The one that captured Shui Wuxia’s brother and killed Jiang Baiyu’s father is the same character. In the face of crisis, they paintings collectively and unveil the schemes of the perpetrator, returning peace to the residents of Jiang Continent.

Love like White Jade Cast

Wan Peng as Shui Wu Xia

Gala Zhang as Jiang Bai Yu

Liu Yu Han as Jiang Tian Lin

Fortuna Yu as Qi De Long

Peng Yu as Support Role

Liu Fang as Old Madame Jiang

Qi Er Luo as Support Role

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