Love is Full of Jiudaowan (2023)

Overall: Love is Full of Jiudaowan is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Love is Full of Jiudaowan cast: Elvis Han, Rayzha Alimjan, Sebrina Chen. Love is Full of Jiudaowan Release Date: 17 February 2023. Love is Full of Jiudaowan Episodes: 40.

Love is Full of Jiudaowan Detail

Drama: Love is Full of Jiudaowan (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Liu Jia Cheng
Main Stars: Elvis Han, Rayzha Alimjan, Sebrina Chen
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 17 February 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 17 February 2023-7 March 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Qing Man Jiu Dao Wan, 情满九道弯, Love is Full of Jiudaowan 2023

Love is Full of Jiudaowan Synopsis and Plot Summary

This is the tale of 4 kids, a man and three ladies who will love him, who grew up collectively in Beijing and could undergo the twists and turns in lifestyles.

In the iciness of 1979, Yang Shu Mao returns home after graduating. He hopes to climb the social ladder and become a enterprise to be at the level of his past love, Shi Xiao Na, a rich heiress. With that goal, he works together with his youth buddy Zhao Ya Jing who is secretly in love with him. However, Shi Xiao Na continually stepped in between them. But when Shi Xiao Na’s father, thinking about Yan Shu Mao too humble to be his son-in-regulation, sanctions him, Yang Shu Mao realizes the social distinction among him and Shi Xiao Na and drifts far from her.

Yang Shu Mao then found out that Ye Fei, his other youth pal, is the maximum ideal associate for him. But his mother thinks in any other case, as she is lots in the direction of Zhao Ya Jing and desires her as her daughter-in-law.

Love is Full of Jiudaowan Cast

Elvis Han as Yang Shu Mao

Rayzha Alimjan as Ye Fei

Sebrina Chen as Shi Xiao Na

Zhong Dan Ni as Zhao Ya Jing

Sa Ri Na as Yang Shu Mao’s mother

Bi Yan Jun as Yang Shu Mao’s father

Luo Jing Min as Grandpa Xu

Wang Ya Ni as Li Li

Zhang Yan Bo as Ye Yang

Bao Xiao as Xie Zhi Qiang Yang Shu Mao’s friend

Hasi Gaowa as Ye Fei’s mother

Zhou Ye Mang as Ye Fei’s father

Miao Liang as Niu Ting Gui Yang Shu Mao’s former friend

Zhang Bo Yu as He Zi Yang Ye Fei’s ex-boyfriend

Miao Ting Ru as Fu He Ming Shi Xiao Na’s best friend

Wang Sha Sha as Xu Xiao Feng Grandpa Xu’s granddaughter

Rong Zi Xi as Jia Xiao Ying

Hu Yao Zhi as Shi Fang Ren Shi Xiao Na’s father

Rong Rong as Shi Xiao Na’s mother

Zhang Wan Ting as Yang Shu Zhi Yang Shu Mao’s eldest sister

Sun Di as Yang Shu Sen Yang Shu Mao’s eldest brother

Yan Lin Fei as Yang Shu Lin Yang Shu Mao’s 2nd brother

Xu Ge as Yang Shu Ying Yang Shu Mao’s 2nd sister

Tian Miao as Old aunt

Lin Yuan as Xue Lan

Meng Xiu as Zhao Ya Jing’s mother

Wu Nan as Hong Yan

Li Zheng Lin as Shi Xiao Jun Shi Xiao Na’s brother

Qian Bo as Jia Shi Fa Jia Xiao Ying’s father

Jin Shun Zi as Jia Xiao Ying’s mother

Yang Miao as Xiao Xia

Yan Wen Jun as Hua Mei Zhao Ya Jing’s employee

Zhang Yu Ti as Xiao Feng’s mother

Shi Chao as Yang Shu Mao’s eldest brother-in-law

Cao Xin Yue as Yang Shu Mao’s eldest sister-in-law

Liu Hui as Yang Shu Mao’s 2nd sister-in-law

Huang Ning Sheng as Grandpa Liu Mail Clerk / Guard of Factory

Qin Hai as Jiang Yong Sheng

Yao Bing as Liu Jian Cai

Cheng Fan as Li Wen Xi

Hou Yu as Zhi Qing Team Leader

Liu Ling Zhi as Team Leader Liu

Liu Hui as Old Chief

Qie Lu Tong as Liu Qiao Qiao

Tan Tam as Chen Hao

Huang Jun Peng as Mayor

Pang Cong as Yang Ye

Hai Yi Tian as Liu Shi Kuan

Shi Dong Dong as Brother Qiao

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