Love in Flames of War (2022)

Overall: Love in Flames of War is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Love in Flames of War cast: Chen Du Ling, Shawn Dou, Yuan Hao. Love in Flames of War Release Date: 30 April 2022. Love in Flames of War Episodes: 43.

Love in Flames of War Detail

Drama: Love in Flames of War (2022)
Network: Youku
Director: Chung Shu Kai
Main Stars: Chen Du Ling, Shawn Dou, Yuan Hao
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 April 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 30 April 2022-24 May 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 43
Also Known As: Good Days and Good Scenery , Liang Chen Hao Jing Zhi Ji He, 良辰好景知几何, Love in Flames of War 2022

Love in Flames of War Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the duration of the Republic of China, the cardamom talented girl Lin Hang Jing changed into imprisoned because of her father’s murder. She went to her father’s pal, Xiao Da Shuai. Although she became underneath the fence, she became not humble or overbearing. Xiao Bei Chen, the overbearing 1/3 young grasp of the Xiao family, had bullied her from the very beginning to gradually turning into attracted by her robust independence. Xiao Da Shuai despatched his son to take a look at at the military academy to educate his son, and Qi Yi Niang promised to match him with Hang Jing whilst he graduated.

After 5 years of difficult paintings, beneath the stern schooling of instructors, Xiao Bei Chen, who skilled the existence and dying of the struggle, grew from a combined international demon to an iron-blooded soldier. After returning from faculty, he helped his father smooth up the army, and wanted to recommend to Lin Hang Jing, however all at once discovered that she had fallen in love with the passionate young Mu Zi. Heng. Because of Lin’s father’s unexpected distress, Xiao Bei Chen and Lin Hang Jing agreed to marry to store Lin’s father. After marriage, the 2 experienced all sorts of hardships, from alienation to gradually becoming emotional, but because of false impression, Hang Jing disappeared in a hearth.

After seven years of life and dying, the Anti-Japanese War broke out. Lin Hang Jing, who had joined the patriotic business enterprise, again to Beixincheng and persuaded Xiao Bei Chen to unite in the resistance against Japan. Muzi have become a Japanese eagle dog due to her mother’s illness. He time and again harmed Xiao Bei Chen, and Hang Jing followed Xiao Bei Chen to demise. In the cease, the two of them resolved their misunderstandings, beacon of fact, and joined palms to guard their fatherland.

Love in Flames of War Cast

Chen Du Ling as Lin Hang Jing
Shawn Dou as Xiao Bei Chen
Yuan Hao as Mu Zi Zheng
Zhao Ying Zi as Zheng Feng Qi
Leon Lai as Mo Wei Yi
Dong Xuan as Support Role
Ran Xu as Support Role
Guan Xin as Xiao Shu Yi
Zhang Gong as Kang Jing Xiong
Lu Yong as Support Role
Na Jia Wei as Support Role
Yao An Lian as Support Role
He Ming Han as Shen Yan Qing
Liu Meng Meng as Support Role
Wang Jian Xin as Support Role
Rong Rong as Support Role
Xu Si Qi as Lan Lan
Wang Shan Shui as Master Lan
Qiu Yu Shuo as Support Role
Zhao Yi Ting as Support Role
Hu Jun as Guest Role
Wang Jin Song as Guest Role
Cola Yao as Guest Role
Liu Zhe Er as Qiao Jiang
Chen Liang Ping as Lin Tang Sheng
Hu Yi Ren as Zhang Sheng
Jing Yan Jun as Xiao Rong
Cong Rui Lin as Zuo Teng
Yang Chun Rui as Adjutant Zhou
Ren Xi Hong as Sun Shou Yi
Claire Jia as Yun Yi
Fang Pin Qi as Xiao Zhuo
Li Hua as Uncle Gui
Wang Shuai as Kong Zu Qing
Hu Chang Lin as Luo Dou
Zhang Ting Ting as Xiao Shu Yu
Yan Jing Yao as Mrs. Sun
Wang Jia Li as Mu Zi Zheng’s mother
Jovi Xu as Du Xiao Kang
He Yi Man as Yu Jia
Yang Zhe as Headmaster Luo
Hu Jun as Xiao Hai Shan
Wang Jin Song as Jin Cheng
Cola Yao as Jin Xiang

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