Love in a Fallen City (2021)

Overall: Love in a Fallen City is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Love in a Fallen City cast: Ethan Juan, Bambi Zhu, Wang Tian Chen. Love in a Fallen City Release Date: 23 February 2021. Love in a Fallen City Episodes: 40.

Love in a Fallen City Detail

Drama: Love in a Fallen City (2021)
Network: ZJTV
Director: Li Mu Ge
Main Stars: Ethan Juan, Bambi Zhu, Wang Tian Chen
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 23 February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 23 February 2021
Also Known As: Yi Shen Gu Zhu Bang Wen Rou , Chang Feng Po Lang , 一身孤注掷温柔, 长风破浪, Love in a Fallen City 2021

Love in a Fallen City Synopsis and Plot Summary

During a mission, youthful general Lu Haoting goes gaga for a lady named Gu Wanyi. Love blooms between the two, and the trust and dependence of their affection gives Lu Haoting the mental fortitude to endeavor.

He and his kindred companions assisted the residents with destroying sorts of abhorrent powers, gradually understanding the tranquility of the Central plans. Be that as it may, foe powers attack the Center plans and causes mistaken assumptions among Lu and Gu, making them isolated.

Gu Wanyi was additionally caught, and utilized took steps to uncover Lu Haoting’s shortcoming. Notwithstanding, Gu Wanyi will not work with the backstabbers. At long last, Lu Haoting utilizes his insight and brains to crush the adversaries, and save Gu Wanyi from risk. Subsequent to experiencing a progression of battles, Lu Haoting and Gu Wanyi at long last accommodate.

They understand that steadfastness, quirk, insight and trust are what makes a big difference for them and developing. The two guaranteed never to leave one another, and cooperate to help secure the country.

Love in a Fallen City Cast

Ethan Juan as Lu Hao Ting
Bambi Zhu as Gu Wan Yi
Wang Tian Chen as Huo Zhong Qi
Sun Chun as Main Role
Luo Hai Qiong as Support Role
Oliver Chen as Yu Hao Qing
Dong Yong as Support Role
Zhao Long Hao as Support Role
Gu Jia as Shen Yu Quan
Jackie Li as Yu Ruo Quan
Zhang Ding Han as Madam Yu
Li Yi Yi as Zhi Hui
Wang Qian Hang as Support Role
Lu Xing as Support Role
Kingone Wang as Support Role
Christine Ng as Madame Dai
Cao Bing Kun as Support Role
Zheng Xiao Ning as Support Role
Lei Han as Support Role
Wu Chao as Support Role
Jiang Fang Ting as Kang Ya Jie
Silva Wei as Chen An Qi
Zoey Lin as Huo Ting Xuan
Benson Wang as Wei Shuo
Feng Xiao Tong as Support Role
Yan Su as Support Role
Wan Zi Lin as Support Role

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