Jack Zhao

Jack Zhao Plot

Zhao Junkai, a renowned chief, screenwriter, gold decoration maker, and maker.
The head of China’s most monetarily important television series is great at normally surveying the creative pursuit and business worth of his works, and can really control costs. The film and TV dramatizations created by him are wealthy in topics, zeroing in on the genuine individuals’ work and authentic torment, entranced by humanistic sentiments, and zeroing in on public reasoning. War-themed works have the most noteworthy accomplishment, and his novel “Zhao’s Conflict Style” has won him the standing of another age of “military marshals”. He is presently the VP of Hairun Film and TV Creation Co., Ltd., one of the biggest confidential film and TV organizations in China. He is one of the center investors and improvement originators behind Hairun Film and Television.


First Name: Zhao Junkai
Native Name: 赵浚凯
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: 16 November ?


Hot Blooded Detective (2021)

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