Infernal Affairs (2023)

Overall: Infernal Affairs is a Korean Action, Drama (2023). Infernal Affairs cast: Jin Dong, Wang Zhi Wen, Wang Li Kun. Infernal Affairs Release Date: 30 March 2023. Infernal Affairs Episodes: 40.

Infernal Affairs Detail

Drama: Infernal Affairs (2023)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Qi Dao
Writer: Qi Dao
Main Stars: Jin Dong, Wang Zhi Wen, Wang Li Kun
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 March 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 30 March 2023-22 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Wu Jian , Feng Yun , 风云 , Internal Affairs, 无间, Infernal Affairs 2023

Infernal Affairs Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 1944, during the conflict of opposition between the Kuomintang and the Socialist Coalition, the Kuomintang chief Mu Liang Feng, who was a tracker, was requested to lead an extraordinary group to obliterate the clear-cut advantage research organization of the Japanese armed force that created cyanate explosives.

With the assistance of Zhang Jue and Liu Xiao Xian, individuals from the underground party of the Socialist Faction of China, he has gone through numerous challenges and threats to finish the responsibility. Be that as it may, during this period, his dad, Mu Da Ming, who was a steadfast Socialist, was killed, and his significant other, Liu Yan, was likewise oppressed and lost her memory. The profoundly invigorated Mu Liang Feng with no obvious end goal in mind accepted that the Socialist Coalition caused this, and started to can’t stand the Socialist Faction.

Infernal Affairs Cast

Jin Dong as Lu Feng

Wang Zhi Wen as Mu Xi He

Wang Li Kun as Hua Xiang Yu

Zhang Zhi Jian as Shan Guan

Chuai Ni as Lan Bing

Wu Hao as Ding Sheng

Chen Dao Ming as Support Role

Qi Dao as Support Role

Qi Ji as Support Role

Cao Lei as Zuo Ling Yang

Wang Zi Quan as mysterious identity

Li Yuan as Support Role

Kenan Sheng as Dou Dou

Ju Jin Zhan as Kuang Wei

Hou Yong as “K07”

Shi Wen Zhong as Support Role

Hai Yi Tian as Support Role

Tan Kai as Support Role

Zhang Xi Lin as Support Role

Xue Hao Wen as Luo Yu

Sun Qiang as Fang Li Ren

Ren Zheng Bin as Ji Yun Zhong

Huo Qing as Chen Hao Min

Shao Wen as Yao Ce

Qian Bo as Song Xia Qian Xiong

Kenichi Miura as Gu Zheng Yi Jie

Jing Gang Shan as Han Tian

Li Qiang as Minister Jin

Cao Li as Gu Yi Chuan

Wang Mao Lei as An Ning

Liu Jin Shan as Wang Ben Fu

Shen Xiao Hai as Liu Qing Tang

Chen Ji Ming as Liu Ze

Wang Li as Duan Ji Hai

Yin Rui as Duan Qiu Yue

Sun Yi Ming as Yan Sen

Huai Wen as Lu Bao Lei

Ma Yu Jie as Bei Di

Zhang Shen as Miao Chang Tian

Zhao Zi Qi as Yu Rong Qiu

Li Huai Long as Deng Xiang

Marco Chang as Cao Zhen

Jie Zhi Teng as Shan Yue

Da You Wei as Guan Qi

Elena Zheng as Qiao Nan

Yue Xin as Xin Li Ya

Zhou Ji Wei as Kang Song

Li Hao Bin as Jin Jia Rong

Hou Xiao as Bai Ze

Sun Shao Long as Hong Mao

Mei Bao Lai as Ye Ying

Chen Yi Sha as Tao Lan’s mother

Candice Zhao as “K20”

Liu Xue Song as “K08”

Yang Sen as Shang Yun Tian

Cai Guo Long as Dong Da Zhong

Ren Luo Min as Director of the orphanage

Sevanchos as Sheepherder

Wu Xue Ying as Secretary

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