In Darkness (2023)

Overall: In Darkness is a Korean Mystery, Drama (2023). In Darkness cast: Peng Guan Ying, Zhang Yu Jian, Feng Jia Yi. In Darkness Release Date: 2023. In Darkness Episodes: 14.

In Darkness Detail

Drama: In Darkness (2023)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Yu Qing
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Main Stars: Peng Guan Ying, Zhang Yu Jian, Feng Jia Yi
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 14
Also Known As: Walking in the Dark, In the Dark, Zai Hei An Zhong, Ni Guang Zhe, 在黑暗中, Body of Crime, 逆光者, In Darkness 2023

In Darkness Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xie Pack Shan is a secret police who has effectively invaded the greatest medication exchange association. Nonetheless, at the main crossroads of his central goal, he kicked the bucket from a mishap.

Not bearing the his rewards for so much hard work to be squandered, Sui Gong (commander of the medication exchange police force) utilizes new innovation and inserts Xie Pack Shan’s memory into a death row criminal that very closely resembles him.

“Xie Group Shan” was subsequently restored and gotten back to the police force like nothing had happened to him. After an occurrence by which he incidentally shot a brutal crook, recollections having a place with the death row criminal gradually gotten back to him. The child of Mu Kun, the head of the medication association.

In Darkness Cast

Peng Guan Ying as Xie Gang Shan

Zhang Yu Jian as Shen Liu Fei

Feng Jia Yi as Zhou Yong Tai

Bai En as Mu Kun

Jojo Chen as Ling Yun

Liu Guan Cheng as Zhao Long Yue

Tu Bing as Guan Xin

Shi Liang as Sui Hong

Liu Qian Wen as Ding Li

Tang Lu Jing as Duan Li Cheng

Ling Zi Tong as Chi Jin

Wang Qing as Zhao Wu

Zhou Ji Wei as Sang Qin

Zhang He Hao Zhen as Wang Hao

Hou Ying Jue as You Zhen

Yang Shuo as Tao Shuo

Gao Shu Guang as Liu Yan Bo

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