Hero (2022)

Overall: Hero is a Chinese Movie (2022). Hero cast: Zhou Xun, Jackson Yi, Sammi Cheng. Hero Release Date: 9 September 2022. Hero.

Hero Detail

Movie: Hero (2022)
Director: Li Shao Hong
Genres: Movie
Main Stars: Zhou Xun, Jackson Yi, Sammi Cheng
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 9 September 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Shi Jian You Ta , There Is Her In The World, 世间有她, Her Story 2022

Hero Synopsis and Plot Summary

The foundation of “Her Story” is set in 2020: an unexpected catastrophe that disturbed everybody’s lives. When society face joblessness when families self-destruct, when sweethearts are isolated, when demise is drawing closer discreetly, and when a serene life out of nowhere goes through surprising changes, how might ladies answer? What are the crucial and indispensable jobs that men play in ladies’ lives and development? The three female chiefs Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong and Chen Chong utilized their exceptional female viewpoints to investigate and show individuals’ situations and battles in family, vocation, and love in unique times.

Hero Cast

Zhou Xun as Main Role
Jackson Yi as Main Role
Sammi Cheng as Main Role
Xu Di as Support Role
Stephen Fung as Support Role
Bai Ke Li as Support Role
Huang Mi Yi as Support Role
Nina Paw as Support Role
Li Ya Nan as Support Role
Tumenbayaer as Support Role

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