Guo’s Summer (2022)

Overall: Guo’s Summer is a Chinese Comedy, Drama(2022). Guo’s Summer cast: Huang Lei, Liu Yi Jun, Hai Qing. Guo’s Summer Release Date: 18 July 2022. Guo’s Summer Episodes: 12.

Guo’s Summer Detail

Drama: Guo’s Summer (2022)
Network: Hunan TV
Main Stars: Huang Lei, Liu Yi Jun, Hai Qing
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 July 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 18 July 2022-16 August 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Zhang Weiguo’s Summer , Zhang Wei Guo’s Summer , Zhang Wei Guo De Xia Tian, 张卫国的夏天, Guo’s Summer 2022

Guo’s Summer Synopsis and Plot Summary

A group of frustrated middle guys constantly evaluating against each different locate the want to “package deal” themselves. Zhang Wei Guo has gotten rich overnight simplest to fall into debt equally fast. After experiencing outstanding joys and extremely good sorrow, he in the end eliminates his cover to stand his proper self.

Zhang Wei Guo is a center-elderly man who is still a bit-regarded actor within the Peking Opera Troupe. As an regular citizen residing in a Beijing Hutong, he’s glad much like a goldfish that’s contented in his personal little global. Until one day, his father dies and lots of surprising issues take place. The series of blows in his existence and poverty forces Zhang Wei Guo to consider creating a alternate. He realizes that he turned into too complacent and detached from the sector in the course of the primary 1/2 of his lifestyles. In the manner of difficult himself, he reaches the pinnacle but loses himself. However, his own family and buddies guide him to realize the proper that means of lifestyles.

Guo’s Summer Cast

Huang Lei as Main Role

Liu Yi Jun as Main Role

Hai Qing as Main Role

Mei Ting as Main Role

Mao Jun Jie as Support Role

Li Lin Qian as Support Role

Han Tong Sheng as Support Role

Su Xiao Ming as Support Role

Jiang Peng as Zhang An An

Li Jin Rong as Wen Zhi Yuan

Tian Xi Wei as You Qian

Hou Tong Jiang as Zhang Chun Quan

Wu Bi as Wang Jun

Joy Wang as Wen Wen

Zha Jie as Liu Wen Tao

Daniel Feng as Da Bao

Chen Yi Heng as Tai Zhang

Liu Jin Shan as President Wang

Li Bao An as Tuan Zhang

Huang Meng as Xuan Xuan’s father

Teng Xuan as Xuan Xuan’s mother

Liang Jia Tong as Xuan Xuan

Bai Kai Nan as Brother Qia

Bai Zhi Di as Pei Yu Kui

Poppy Cao as He Jin Xiu

Wang Yu Ning as San Er

Ji Xiao Long as Jing Yuan

Wei Qing as Grandma Yang

Xu Fu Lai as Old Wu

Liu Dui as Song Yi Tian

Qin Qi Dong as Xiao Yang

Li Geng as Teacher Dong

Mo Yang as Zhang Qiang

Yan Ke Xin as Xiao Ma

Victor Liu as Zhang Wei Guo Young

Guo Yong Zhen as Zhang Chun Quan Middle Aged

Gang Yi as Pei Yu Kui Middle Aged

Pan Jun Tong as Lin Hong Nian Young

Zhang Bo Wen as Zhang Wei Guo Young

Liu Ting Zuo as Man A

Xu Ge as Woman

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