Great Dance Crew (2022)

Overall: Great Dance Crew is a Chinese TV Show (2022). Great Dance Crew Here cast: Jordan Chan, Samuel Pang, Guo Jun. Great Dance Crew Release Date: 16 April 2022. Great Dance Crew Episodes: 10.

Great Dance Crew Detail

TV Show: Great Dance Crew (2022)
Network: Youku
Director: Lu Wei
Main Stars: Alec Su, Fei, Cheng Xiao
Country: China
Genres: TV Show
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 April 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 16 April 2022-18 June 2022
Aired On: Saturday
Episodes: 10
Also Known As: Great Dance Club , Liao Bu Qi Wu She, 了不起舞社, Great Dance Crew 2022

Great Dance Crew Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jointly initiated by means of Youku and the Hip-Hop Committee of the China’s Dancer Association, and officially taking part with the World Hip Hop Dance Championship (HHI).

Through the procedure of a few artists setting up their own ‘women’s dance crew’, we are able to all acquire China’s street dance specialists and woman street dancers from all walks of lifestyles. Through rounds of opposition, the strongest avenue dance crew will be selected subsequently, and could take part in a world magnificence avenue dance group opposition, developing a expert and publicly appeared performance works, showcasing the high quality impact that dance has on the younger technology.

Great Dance Crew Cast

Alec Su as MC
Fei as Team Leader
Cheng Xiao as Team Leader
Ten as Team Leader
SANTA as Team Leader
Tang Li Jia as Contestant
Wei Xin as Contestant
Cai Bing as Contestant
Cui Wen Mei Xiu as Contestant
Gu Yi Zhou as Contestant
Hu Ma Er as Contestant
Li Jia En as Contestant
Uah Liu as Contestant
Long Yun Zhu as Contestant
Grace Wong as Contestant
Wu An Qi as Contestant
Wu Jing Yi as Contestant
Zhou Xin Yu as Contestant
Seven Zou as Contestant
Linlin as Contestant
Ingrid Lutter as Bai Xue Yao
Wang Mu Nan as Contestant
Bai Xue Yao as Contestant
Chen Shu Yi as Contestant
Babi as Contestant

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